3 Right Time to Exercise

Right Time to Exercise | A study of the Mollen Clinic, Arizona, USA, proved that 75% of patients who perform physical activity in the morning have a greater passion and energy to lead activities throughout the day, rather than the patients who did not.

While the results of the study also states that in the afternoon, when the sunset, the temperature of the human body is known to be at its highest level So the muscles more flexible body to produce force.

Time to Exercise

In addition to the two that time, several studies mention the existence of a special body condition that makes exercise more leverage.
When colds
You may be advised to get plenty of rest when the flu. A study led by Thomas G. Weidner, PhD., From Ball State University, says that while exercising, the body secretes endorphins which can improve mood and relieve mild flu gejalan. His advice, do not be too old to exercise and reduce the portion of practice approximately 50% of the portion of practice under normal conditions.

When tired
The research also mentions the energy of a person after working for eight hours is greater than after waking. Perform activities of brisk walking or cardio after work was over. You'll get better quality sleep.

During menstruation
Stacy Sims, PhD., Exercise physiologist from the Stanford Prevention Research Center, revealed that most women who are undergoing a period lazy to do sports because of the pain they felt in the abdomen. In fact, hormonal changes in the body during menstruation can actually make women become stronger and can reduce pain.

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