Bottoms often incoherent and not itch? Turned out to be 9 this so why

Causes of Itchy itchy in the butt that made uneasy | Everyone certainly never had the name of itch itch. But the cause of the itching in the skin ternyadinya is certainly a great many factors, from either side of the skin disease as well as mosquito bite itch. However, what about the scratchy itchy conditions in patat?

itchy butt

The following causes that often appear and be individual issues i.e. below:
  1. Keep clean Less
    The ass is the area close to the anus, where the discharge of human waste. Because of the dirt itself full of bacteria and germs, then you are obligated to maintain the cleanliness of the ass. Butt also pile of dust, sweat, and dirt. This then makes the emergence of itching.
  2. The presence of a parasite in the ass
    The parasite lodged in the buttocks can also cause itching. And children often experience it. Parasites can be this worm will move around the anus to lay their eggs and then makes you itches.
  3. The consumption of certain foods
    Consuming certain foods also can make the buttocks so itchy, lho. Some types of foods like spicy food, milk, or fruit wine or orange can make you itches. Why these foods will trigger allergies and end up with hives.
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases
    Sexually transmitted diseases or STDS are able to cause itching in the ass. STDS such as herpes, syphilis, or gonorrhea will make the area of the anus so itchy.
  5. Skin diseases
    Skin disease that appears on buttocks can also cause itching. Especially the skin disease known as Seborrheic Dermatitis. This skin disease is going to make your ass so flaky skin and cause itching in the groin especially, ears, armpits, and even scalp.
  6. Fungal infections
    Yeast infection combined with infection of bacteria capable of causing the sensation of itching. If you are experiencing this condition, apply a skin ointment to resolve it.
  7. Hemorrhoids
    Hemorrhoids not only cause disturbance in the body, but also makes the skin of the buttocks so itchy. Even constipation that accompanies hemorrhoids will cause itching of the more agonizing.
  8. Dry skin
    Sometimes, the weather is too hot it will make the skin so dry. Similarly, with the skin of the buttocks. As a result, any itching appears.
  9. Diarrhea
    Diarrhea that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract can also make butt itches. Why, diarrhea that make you often waste water will result in the buttocks area often come into contact with water. The skin will become damp and itchy. In fact it can cause irritation.

In addition to the reasons above, itching in the buttocks can also be caused by diseases such as eczema or inverse psoriasis. If this is the case, then consult your doctor. And don't scratch the butt too hard because the skin of the buttocks is a sensitive area so that the harsh scratching of the skin so it will lead to irritation.

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