6 These foods make you heart healthy

These foods make you heart healthy | Jakarta is not a secret if the heart is the most vital part of the body, so it is very important to take care of her. One that can be done is exercise, a healthy diet, and true. Consuming protein, wheat, and vegetables is the right choice for daily meal schedule. But there are some foods that are not so good for heart health.

Avoid these foods for a healthier heart

The following is a list of healthy foods that can keep the heart health as reported by of ehow.com, Wednesday (22/6/2016):
  1. Oats.
    "The Oatmeal can lower the levels consistently kolestrol related compounds such asbeta glucan which is a soluble fiber that is strong," said Layne Lieberman, R.D., a culinary nutritionist and author of "Beyond the Mediterranean Diet: Secrets of the European Super-Healthy."
  2. Fish.
    Dr. Matthew Budoff, M.D., a cardiologist who worked at The Los Angeles BiomedicalResearch Institute, says that fish rich in omega-3 can help protect against heart attacks.
  3. Nuts.
    The nut has a strong reputation for the heart, but do not the origin of the beans that are consumed. Lieberman suggested that eating walnuts, because these beans contain doses of omega-3 is more than other nuts.
  4. Smoothie.
    Lieberman suggested that make a smoothie with bananas cool, one spoon, one mango, spinach and almond milk Bowl 1.5. Spinach provides a large dose of antioxidants, including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, manganese, zinc, and selenium.
  5. Soy.
    Mark Messina, Ph.d., M.S., soy health expert for The United Soybean Board, says that soy contains vitamin E, an essential omega-6 and omega-3 unsaturated fats plural that would raise cardiovascular health (diseases related to the heart and blood vessels).
  6. Sweet Sweet.
    Sweet sweet burnt is the right choice for a healthy heart. Sweet is the foods that contain calcium, potassium and vitamins A and c. Lieberman says, "Sweet sweet fat-free, low in sodium and has is the most nutritious vegetables, and food is a good source of fiber."

In addition to eating healthy foods for the heart and limit salt intake to no more than 5-6 grams per day, we also need to exercise regularly and avoid smoke in order to make the body healthy and the heart are always powerful pumping blood throughout the body with good.

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