This New Drug For Breast Cancer Sufferers Make Unnecessary Surgery

Preventive breast cancer drug discovery | A new study shows women who have the BRCA1 gene that increases the riskof breast cancer was damaged, and the ovaries to 87 percent. As experienced Angelina Jolie is already doing a double mastectomy in 2013. After that, the ovariumnya pun was made because the cancer is already attacking.

Such a drastic procedure may not be needed anymore. Because there are already remedies to prevent tumor that can form in the breast tissue, researchers claim.

Australia researcher who conducted lab tests said denosumab osteoporosis drug, commonly used to treat bone disease, is also effective against breast cancer. So women don't have to go through a painful operation to prevent cancer.

The drug has been tested on humans, so the time shortly before the drug was produced again. Compared with other drugs which still must undergo a lengthy clinical safety trials, cited page Dailymail, Monday (21/6/2016).

Researchers Linda Nolan, The University of Melbourne said they have identified a boob cells potentially high into cancer if the drug is stopped.

"These cells proliferate rapidly, and is susceptible to damage DNA. We are enthusiastic with the discovery that cells of pre-cancer can be identified by a marker protein called RANK, "he said.

Professor Lindeman, who is also an expert in medical oncology at The Royal Melbourne Hospital added, "we think this strategy can delay or prevent breast cancer in women with the BRCA1 gene mutation is inherited. A clinical trial is starting to domore. This discovery is very important for women who have the BRCA1 gene is damaged. "

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