Danger of excess Sugar Consumption for Healthy Body

The dangers of excessive sugar consumption | Excess Sugar consumption is danger for the health of the body, as long as it is one of the sugar taste food have food used to taste sweet. With the increase in sugar in food is increasingly adding to the flavor of the food. However, many of the uninitiated that if consumed in excess sugar can be bad for the health of a person's body. One simple harms, consuming exess sugar can cause weight gain and increase risk of obesity affected.

the effects of sugar consumption
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But that is just one of the course, still much impact other health problems due to excess sugar consumption. Unwittingly disturbed the health of sugar even threatens the health of the body. With increasingly frequently consume sugar, then the various health problems will start stalking you.

Effects and dangers of Sugar for the health of the body
Therefore do not regard lightly the excess sugar consumption is about and you have to start controlling your intake of foods that you consume. Below are some of the health effects and dangers of sugar caused due to consume sugar in excess. Refer to the description of full.

1. Damage the Heart
Research in the Journal of the American Heart Association in 2013 reveals that mostconsumes sugar could make a disruption of the workings of the organ the heart in doing its function as a blood-pumping. The results of the study stated that the molecules contained in the sugar called glucose 6-phosphate can lead to heart muscle change and if it continues it is left, then the same sugar can boost a person affected by heart failure.

2. Cancer
For people who have cancer, consuming high quantities of sugar will make the chances of survival are getting relatively low, let alone breasth and cancer of colon cancer.

3. Addiction
Sugar has a bad trait for the body as well as alcohol that could make someone addicted. At a time when consumption of sugar began to be abandoned is typically a person will feel hungry and have the desire back to consume sugar.

4. Liver
In a study conducted shows bring the sugar and alcohol have an effect that is toxicto liver organ. If excessive sugar consumption then the liver organ will be disrupted because of damage to its function.

5. Brain
The impact of bad for health consequences of consuming excess sugar is related tothe brain. A study conducted in 2009 showed that consumption of sugar is closely related with occurrence of aging that occurs in the cells of the brain.

6. Sugar Damage Teeth
According to the American Dental Association (ADA) food and drinks high in sugar content can result in coral and also trigger the appearance of holes in the teeth and cause tooth pain. Sugar is a food consumed bacteria and acids can lead to cavities. Thus THERE are to give advice to reduce consumption of food containing sugar, besides routine brushing after meals so that cavities can be prevented.

7. Diabetes
And the danger that is often put forward by researchers about sugar is a risk the disease diabetes. When sugar is consumed excessively, it will make the system of insulin in the body become distracted and effect if not control then it will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes affected.

Above are the dangers of Sugar for the health of the body, with the existence of such information You expected to be able to control Your consumption of sugar daily. Avoid consuming sugar or foods that contain excess sugar and start switch with get used to consume a variety of foods-healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

In addition, make it a habit to do yourself a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, such as consuming nutritious food and taking care of the body at the same time keep the environment clean so that you stay healthy and avoid various diseases.

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