8 Benefits of Eating Raw Banana Each Day

Benefits of Eating Raw Banana Each Day | When choosing for the consumption of bananas, you will surely choose ripe yellow bananas. Because bananas with this type offers the sweetness and delicious.

But what would happen if once in a while you try to eat the banana raw? Offered from boldsky.com, here are some of the things you will experience when eating unripe bananas or plantains are green.

1. Weight down
Do you know that eating raw green bananas or banana each day can help in losing weight? This is because the raw bananas are rich in fiber that has the ability to clean the intestines, removing cells unwanted fat, and removing the impurities from the body.

2. Prevent constipation
Because bananas are rich in crude fiber and starch, then eating bananas helps to cleanse the colon naturally so is impacting prevents constipation.

8 Benefits of Eating Raw Banana Each Day
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3. Suppresses appetite
Consuming raw banana will induce a feeling of satiety or fullness is easy. So in other words eating unripe bananas good to suppress appetite for you that is in diet program.

4. Prevent diabetes
Eating unripe bananas is capable of reducing the capacity of absorption of glucose in the body's cells as well as lowering insulin levels so that it is able to prevent diabetes.

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5. Healthy digestion
Eating unripe bananas known beneficial to improving the health of the colon and digestive tract. Because raw banana will stimulate the growth of probiotic bacteria and prevent digestive disorders such as rising stomach acid.

6. Prevent colon cancer
The research claimed that eating unripe bananas is beneficial for reducing the risk of colon cancer because the unripe bananas will eliminate toxins that line the intestinal wall which became a cause of cancer.

7. Strengthen bones
Unripe bananas contain vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. All these minerals beneficial to make strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.

8. Control the mood or moods
The researchers found that unripe bananas contain the amino acid known as tryptophan. These nutrients are responsible for balancing the production of hormones in the brain so it is beneficial to control the mood.

In addition to the above benefits, the banana also contain vitamin B6 and vitamin C that helps nourish your cells. How, interested to try green banana consumption?

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