Causes and natural ways of overcoming chapped feet heels

In addition because of the dry, 6 this also can make thy heel cracked - Try to see the soles of your feet, is part of his heel chapped or cracked? This condition usually occurs due to dry skin. So you are advised to apply lotions or creams to dry skin so smooth heels again.

Tips on taking care of the skin of the heels ala natural

But after a few treatments, heel still chapped. It could be not a dry skin condition so why. However, the following factors.
  1. The excess Pressure in the legs
    The broken heel could be a sign that you have excess body weight. As a consequence will arise extra pressure on the foot that makes tumitmu so cracked.
  2. Fungal infections
    Fungal infection usually appear at the foot of the moist can also make heel broke. This infection can be very contagious, especially if there is direct contact with the sufferer.
  3. Psoriasis
    Psoriasis is a skin disorder that makes the skin so wrinkled, reddish patches appear, as well as the existence of crust that looks. This would make any cracked heels.
  4. Eczema
    It makes the skin so dry, red, itchy and cracked. Factors such as stress, the use of chemical-based SOAP is too harsh, and allergies will make the appearance of eczema.
  5. Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis
    Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis is a skin problem characterized by the heel so shiny and gradually will be broken because of the friction that occurs.
  6. Sunburn
    Do you know that the sunlight was too scorching burn upon you can also make the heel so chapped? Therefore don't forget to anti cream slathered sunscreen on when will the activities outside the home.

In addition also still countless causes. The most common things once can lead to heel could rupture broke out as follows:
  1. Skin dry or Naturally dry skin thickness (kalus) around the heels are more likely to be broken by excessive activity with distance.
  2. Standing too long can also cause cracked heels.
  3. Excess weight can increase the pressure on the normal fat under the skin, causing heel widens laterally. If the skin does not have the flexibility, the pressure on the foot can cause cracked heels.
  4. Foot diseases and other disorders such as Psoriasis, eczema, thyroid disease, diabetes, and certain other skin conditions can also cause cracked heels.
  5. The feet are exposed to continuous water especially while walking can cause loss of natural oils of the skin, and can leave skin dry and rough. Long standing in damp places like bathrooms can also be the cause.
  6. Scaly skin, thick, dry, and lose its elasticity is also closely related to the factor of age. Thus, the older the age someone thus increasingly higher risk of experiencing the cracked heels.
  7. Circumstances or conditions which are less clean
  8. Dry and scaly skin can be due to climate or disease.
  9. a lack of vitamins, minerals, iron and zinc

How Natural Remedies Cracked Heels
If this natural treatment ways does not help much, you should consult a doctor in order to obtain proper treatment.

These natural remedies are best for treating cracked heels:
  1. Apply shortening or vegetable oil terhidrogenasi after washing clean in the area dry and chapped. After that wear thick socks. Do this every day for a few days will give positive results.
  2. Apply ripe banana pulp on the area of the foot or the heel dry or chapped. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse with water until clean. You can also add a half coconut avocado flesh in a blender along with previous banana to make a thick paste and soft. Avocado and coconut contains many essential oils and fat-soluble vitamins. This paste will help to provide vitamins and oils that are needed to keep skin soft and moisturized. In addition to heal, this pasta can also be used to prevent the heel dry and chapped.
  3. Soak the foot into the lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Do this therapy once per week to get the changes. Lemon juice is a natural very light acid can help to remove dead skin and dry easily. The best way is by soaking the foot into a solution of lemon juice, and then rub with a pumice stone or foot soft brush to remove the dead skin dilapisan the skin of the upper part of the heel which causes dry and cracked.
  4. Cleanse and moisturize is a good remedy to overcome the heel dry or chapped. In the afternoon soak away into the warm soapy water for about 15 minutes. Rinse feet and pat dry. Then make a mixture consisting of: one teaspoon of Vaseline and lemon juice. Rub this mixture to cracked heels and other areas on the feet which are necessary until completely absorbed. This can be done on a daily basis the results visible. The best way is to apply the mixture just before you sleep. You could then use a thicker sock to protect bed linen from the stain. In addition, wool socks will help warm, thereby increasing their effectiveness. You can mengelupaskan the skin before and after you use this blend. The oil in the mixture this will help you to soften heel that is dry and cracked, allowing you to mengelupaskan skin off easily the next day.
  5. A mixture of glycerine and rose water can also known to heal cracked heels.
  6. Another solution is to melt the paraffin wax, and mix it with a little bit of mustard oil. Apply this material the heel area dry or chapped, and rinse off in the morning. Doing it this way continuously for 10 to 15 days will give You satisfactory results.
  7. For relief of dry skin on the heels should be with regular exfoliation. However, avoid harsh exfoliation scrub product, and instead you could make your own natural scrub with honey, Apple Cider vinegar, and rice flour. Milled rice to be a handful of flour. After that add a few spoons of honey and then mix it with Apple Cider vinegar to taste to get a thick paste. If the leather heel cracks are very deep, you can add one spoon of olive oil or sweet almond oil. Soak your feet for 20 minutes, then gently massage-massage with this paste. The vinegar will help dissolve the dead layers of skin to thicken, while rice flour will mengelupaskan dead layers of skin. Honey and olive oil as a natural moisturizer, which will help keep your skin soft and moist – this will prevent further cracks.
  8. Cream heels are generally available may contain chemicals that can damage the skin, even causing discomfort. You can make your own moisturizing cream cracked heels with one spoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon oil or lavender oil. Pour this mixture into a small jar, then add the water with the same amount. Shake the bottle so that all the oil and water to form a solution that is flat and lumpy. Use a homemade remedy heel dry and cracked it when needed. Make sure you mengocoknya first before use.

It was the most surefire ways to get the heels of your feet smooth and beautiful. When you find it useful and also useful, then please share this article to others, so they can also find out how to care for the heel of the foot more beautiful and smooth and far from broke.

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