How To Banish Fevers Of Malaria In Traditional Style

How To Banish Fevers Of Malaria In Traditional Style - Did you know that papaya leaves is a very potent drug to treat malaria. I also prove all that made to sense when our agency feels lethargic and limp. Maybe when you are attacked with malaria, you've tried to treat it with various drugs you have consumption, be it with drugs or doctor of traditional medicine.

But until now there hasn't been any changes so that you feel is out of the way to ward off malaria you experienced today. You are not wrong to try it once, and feel pleased when you water a glass of papaya leaves minun freshly prepared.

Taste of papaya leaves are very bitter, but it leaves a bitter taste behind being able to treat malaria. According to a statement the elderly times it used to be that the "bitter that a powerful drug merupakat repel the malaria". I'm sure traditional medicine on this one you can get easily, you don't have to prepare a lot of money to buy papaya leaves. You live picking papaya leaves from the back of your House or a neighbor's House.

The Malaria Fever
Simply put, Malaria is a deadly disease caused by the infection of red blood cells. Starting with the female mosquito bites called anopheles, which carries the parasite plasmodium. Furthermore, these parasites multiply in the liver. Without proper treatment, malaria can cause complications that ended in death.

In fact, there are about 400 kinds of anopheles mosquitoes. However, only the range 40 kinds of mosquitoes that spread plasmodium. There are 2 types of the most famous of anopheles gambiae, the first and the second sundaicus. Mosquitoes are carriers of malaria usually likes a dirty ditch, swamps and other dirty places. His position when resting is dip.

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The malaria mosquito has some variations in color, such as black and white patches on her legs. The action is generally done when the biting night.

Symptoms of Malaria
Symptoms caused by malaria are similar to symptoms of other diseases such as dengue fever or typhoid. Some of the symptoms that is often experienced by patients such as headache, fever, cough, vomiting, and convulsions (hot and cold). The specific symptoms of malaria namely, the cycle repeated chills, restlessness, fever and cold sweats also.

How to treat fever and Malaria
Prepare papaya leaves two pieces of goods, then wash the leaves until clean. Next pour water to the place which you can squeeze the papaya leaves, such as Bowl and the like. Here there are two ways that often is done and you can also do it to suit your taste. Two ways I mean namely, there is boiling and there is also a memerasnya. But the goal is the same water that is generated after you do this, the drink is finished.

The way I am, just squeeze the leaves already cleaned then sari from the new papaya leaves I am juicing, I drink and wait a few minutes, feel the benefits of papaya leaves. That certainly leaves a bitter taste, but behind the bitter taste of a million benefits can you feel.

After performing a traditional treatment for 3 days or less, you should also do a blood test to a medical laboratory. This action aims to find out the effectiveness of traditional antimalarials. You should also consult with your doctor, in order to get the proper advice and treatment.

Such powerful ways banish malaria by consuming traditional medicine. Barring further by way of keeping the environment clean, avoid mosquito bites that cause malaria, do not often staying up and cultivate healthy before you get sick.

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