Diet Menu Artists Korea Successfully Lose Weight

Korean artist diet menu in order to burn the evil fat and also get slim body - It's no secret anymore if the celebrities are often prosecuted look perfect. As a result, many of those who go on a diet to maintain and lose weight. Strict diet ever done the artist Korea. Despite the strict diet menu Korea artist, apparently not always difficult applied and could be tried.

Want to have a slim body Korea actress drama breakfasts or K-Pop Idol? Watch the diet menu to Suzy Park Shin Hye:
Bea Suzy
Diet menu artists korean

Diet menu Suzy isn't difficult to emulate. The diet starts since breakfast. When eating in the morning, the 22 year old woman eating one piece of chicken breast with a sweet. As for lunch, he chose brown rice are eaten with a salad. Apply the Time Limit, the owner's full name Bae Suji will not eat after 6 pm.

In addition to the diet, he also did exercises to shrink sleeve called ' Penguin Exercise '. The girlfriend of actor Lee Min Ho admitted that this diet menu mengonsumi when will portray the character of Noh Eul in the Uncontrollably Fond. To see if diet artist Korea dubbed ' National First Love ' was indeed successful because he looks more svelte in a series of appearances together Kim Woo Bin it.

Park Shin Hye
Diet menu artists  Park Shin Hye

The Heirs of this actress has also implemented a strict diet to lose weight. Different from the diet menu artist Suzy, Korea this one more focus on calorie restricted. Every day, he can only eat up to 300 calories.

For breakfast, Park Shin Hye only eat one fruit of cucumber and a glass of milk. For lunch, he consumes half a bowl of brown rice and a small portion of cabbage. As for the evening, this 27-year woman eating cabbage and cucumber to overcome hunger.

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Korea artist that diet plays in the film My Annoying Brother also wants a drink of water and water pumpkin red beans are known to be good for a decrease in body weight. Despite her weight really went down, the doctor is actually not too suggest strict diet like this.

Seolhyun AOA
Diet ala  Seolhyun AOA

Seolhyun beauty artist Korea became an icon of the current generation. In addition to beautiful, her body was too slim. Previously, Orange Marmalade series player has reportedly reduced its preferred foods when dieting. But it was dibantahnya. According to him, he only consumed sweet sweet moment like to down weight.

Diet menu Korea artist one is indeed quite extreme. Woman 22 years it was even like crying when feeling very hungry. In the morning, he often skipped breakfast. But the Seolhyun ' respond ' by eating more at night.

That's the way to get them to an ideal body weight so that when performing at various events look more slim and sleek. Well, want to followup how to diet like them? Please follow the way they do in order to make your body slim also gained.

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