Want To Slim Range Of Artist Korea? Here's How

Diet Way Korea Artist That You Can Follow - Who is not familiar with Korean-Pop or commonly abbreviated as K-Pop. Pop music from the land of gingseng is indeed quite a lot of devotees from all walks of life. Music is not only delicious, but also heard the song unsightly. How not, besides having a pretty face and silky white skin, they also have beautiful slim body

It's not easy getting the body beautiful and slim as they are. Although Korea is famous for its plastiknya operation, but some of them still choose the natural way to lose weight. It's it takes hard work and diligence, and also the most important thing is commitment.

Want To Slim Range Of Artist Korea? Here's How

If you want to have body like them here is a secret diet ala Korea artist that you can apply.
1. Banana Diet ala Seo In Young
Banana is one of the fruits that are rich in fiber and vitamin C are also believed to help lose weight. Banana diet itself was discovered by Sumiko Watanabe by combining a variety of diet method. This diet is very popular in Japan, never even led langkanya bananas there.

Over time, these diets are also applied in Korea, one of the fans is Seo In-Young. SEO In Young is an American singer, model, host and actress as well. He applies a dietary pattern that successfully lose weight 6 kg in 4 weeks. In addition, he believes the banana diet can shrink the face and burn belly fat.

If you are interested to try you could emulate the diet menu of Seo In Young:
  • Breakfast: 1/2 – 1 piece bananas and 2 glasses of plain water
  • Lunch: food/snack healthy Korea and not greasy
  • Dinner: food made of rice and spices

When was hungry before eating, Seo In Young consume fruit banana as a snack. Interested in following the diet menu of Seo In Young? Surely you must also reproduce the intake of fruit and vegetables as well as expand the drinking water well so dietmu went smoothly. Don't forget to advance consultation with nutritionists to avoid the wrong diet.

2. "The paper cup diet" diet unique ala member girlband Nine Muses
The Nine Muses girlband member known to have beautiful and ideal body shape. Appearing in SBS's "Star Beauty Show" they pry the secrets of their diet by using a paper Cup. Arguably unique in that they utilize the paper Cup to measure servings to eat them.

If you want to follow, you must provide a cup with 8-10 cm high, then fill with rice, side dishes, fruit and vegetable, too. Better if you fill it with red rice and also healthy side dishes that do not contain oil. Do not fill the cup more than the limit or exceeding the outskirts of cup.

This diet will keep serving them and prevent them from eating excess, in addition with this diet they can eat what they want, but stick with healthy foods and low in fat. In this diet they still eat 3 times a day and also regular exercise to keep your body stay slim and healthy.

3. The 1,500 calorie Diet
Who the hell is that guns know Korea famous girlband Girls ' Generation or also known as SNSD. This one is pretty emamng Girlband seized attention with their music and songs, not only that the eight casualties ever make the eyes not blinking. With a pretty face and slim body tub also supermodels, they successfully conjured up thousands of fans around the world. However, this slim body they get with difficulty, namely by means of 1,500 kcal diet. How this diet requires that they choose a menu with a total of 1,500 calories.

The following is a diet menu information i.e., SNSD style below:
  • Rice (205 calories)
  • Roasted chicken parts chest (120 calories)
  • Boiled Broccoli (9 calories)
  • Other vegetables (25 calories)

  • Rice (205 calories)
  • Roasted chicken parts chest (120 calories)
  • Cabbage (22 calories)
  • Salad of peppers (77 calories)

  • Sweet sweet (180 calories)
  • Eggs (80 calories)
  • Cabbage (22 calories)
  • Salad of peppers (77 calories)

With a total average of 1,300-1,500 calories per day and also coupled regular exercise, no wonder SNSD member has a beautiful body.

4. Healthy Menu ala Dasom Sistar
Sistar is one Korea girlband, known as a sexy menarinya skill with the use of high heels. No wonder many are fascinated with their dancing skills. Membernya also frequently got the spotlight, one of them gets the attention because Dasom to diet. When will comeback with the album "Alone" Dasom claimed to lose 7 kg due to diet.

Dasom just consuming cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fruit and vegetables as salad. Dasom picking cucumbers because many contain nutrients, low in calories and has a lot of moisture content. Diligently consumes the cucumber, she can get an ideal body weight.

5. Why Should try diet ala Nicole
Well, the last one is diet a la Nicole. Nicole herself was out of KARA in January 2015. Current da joined other agencies and been issued a solo album. The return of Nicole is coupled with Indian fans see weight loss Nicole seemed diminished. Nicole turns out to follow the diet varied diet by way of Denmark. These diets are devoted to loose weight for 2 weeks.

During that time, he had to consume the eggs as a source of protein and also vegetables. After 2 weeks, for 10 days in the future can only consume food with healthy nutrients to the body. This diet also assisted with consume a lot of water and fruits to snack. Interested in trying out the Korean-style diet?

Pretty unique diet the Korea idol Yes, if you want to follow one of them there is no harm if you consult first with a nutritionist to determine which diet to suit your body. Because each person's calorie needs vary. Don't get sick just because you diet wrong Yes.

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