Causes and Characteristics of the Body Malnutrition

Malnutrition occurs when a person does not receive adequate nutrients from diet. This causes damage to the vital organs and functions of the body. Lack of food is the most cause of malnutrition in the poorer and developing countries.

Lack of nutrition in the body can actually be felt without having to do the examination to the doctor. And you should know, malnutrition in the body is a serious health disorder. Only among some individuals who do not question, perhaps because of limited knowledge about health.

In this article, click on healthy info will share the characteristics of body traits that often adversely affect health because of malnutrition. For that, we think it is very important you know that your body is always healthy and strong. Lack of nutrition in the human body certainly there is a cause, it is a lot of factors that can cause your body malnutrition.

Characteristics of the Body Malnutrition

Here you can know, the characteristics of malnutrition body that is below:
  1. The most common sign that can be known is not ideal weight
  2. Quickly feel tired
  3. Decreased concentration
  4. Fast depression
  5. Quickly bored while working on something that is often done, such as work or task
  6. Easy to cold
  7. The healing process on the wound is too long
  8. Easy to fall because the muscles are weak
  9. Often loses appetite

Above is a sign or characteristic traits of individuals who are malnourished in the body. This is certainly a health problem that can not be allowed. You need to know, maybe still very minimal knowledge related to the world of health, for that with the existence of this health article can help you know your own health condition.

Explanation of points above is a sign of an individual malnourished. This is certainly no cause so that the individual is experiencing poor health conditions. So what are the causes of many individuals who are malnourished without them knowing?

The following can lead to malnutrition in the individual body:
  • Appetite is reduced so it can make your body look thin
  • Experiencing a disease that can cause disruption to eating. This can happen to individuals who have anorexia. Because people with this disease, the food has been eaten can spew back.
  • Ulcer disease so often nausea nausea.
  • Often consume alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and the like that can inhibit the appetite.
  • Often stay up can also trigger the body is not healthy.

Not only the above explanation can make you malnourished in the body. Many other factors that of course can also adversely affect the health of the body caused by malnutrition. Economic conditions (financial) is also very influential on health conditions. Finance is also very important role in good health condition of body.

How come? With financial all paspasan to cause the inability to buy healthy food menu. Finance is also a major factor that could have an impact on the lack of nutrition in the body. Barriers are what can make some individuals look tired, lack of focus, even depression.

However, even if your finances are thinned, the health of the body should take precedence. Because with healthy conditions you can improve your current economy is reduced. How to try, pray, and also work to improve your finances.

The solution for the body is malnourished

Before doing anything for your health, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Because the doctor is capable and also know the lack of something in your body. Thus, there will certainly be the best solution from medical team to overcome the bad health condition.

Before your body is malnourished, it is advisable to eat a balanced diet every day. They consist of vegetables and fruits, dairy products, carbohydrate foods (rice, potatoes, bread, cereal or pasta), and protein foods (meat, eggs, fish, or nuts). It also includes a perfect 4 healthy 5 meals.

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