19 How to Naturally Whiten Teeth Easily

How to whiten teeth is indeed a lot. But you must be struggled to come to the doctor's expert even spend money buying teeth whitening remedies. It's good you try this simple way. In addition to the easy way and also does not spend a lot of your budget. Your teeth are also brilliantly without any side effects.

the easy way to whiten teeth

Here's how natural and easy to get sparkling white teeth i.e. below:
1. The Miswak
Nine of the first is indeed notable as a herbal remedy for maintaining the health of your mouth. The miswak can inhibit the growth of bacteria, scrape plaque, preventing cavities, especially to whiten teeth. Ancestors used to use miswak with chewing its stem.

How to whiten teeth naturally using the miswak is by applying the net nine stem has fine teeth on the ground evenly. Or mix it with water until the pasta is shaped and then mix it and then use it as a toothpaste.

2. Betel leaf
The betel leaf is a traditional recipe from the time the ancestors as a proven way to whiten teeth naturally. Have you ever seen a grandma or Grandpa You menguyah something up to his mouth. They are chewable betel leaf. Betel leaves are useful as booster gear, stop the bleeding in the gums, eliminate bad breath, as well as how to whiten teeth naturally. You can use it with chewing or merebusnya then used to gargle. Could also then pounded with a DAB on the teeth evenly

3. Bay leaf
Bay leaves are rich in content that can maintain the health of teeth effectively. Essential oil, flavonoids, tannins, sitral, metal kavikol, also contain vitamins A, B, C, D as well as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium are in Bay leaf. To all of these powerful substances as a way to whiten teeth naturally. The trick is to pound smooth leaves, mix with water until the pasta is shaped and then use as toothpaste.

4. Leaf mimba
The leaves contain mimba azadirahtin that serves as the course is antibacterial is effective as a way to whiten teeth naturally. All you need to do is to extract oil leaves mimba then use as toothpaste.

5. Orange peel
Pectin substances found in orange peel and also essential oils useful to whiten your teeth naturally. Not only does whiten teeth, orange peel can also maintain oral health especially of your teeth. The trick is to dry the orange peel to completely dry in the Sun and then menumbuknya until smooth. Mix it with water until the pasta is shaped and then use as toothpaste

6. Banana peels
Banana peels can also be used as a way to whiten yellow teeth naturally. How is it easy. Rub-rub the banana skin that's already on your teeth clean

7. Lemon
The acid in the lemon serves as a natural alkaline pH levels in the mouth in order to be balanced. In addition to the lemon is also an antibacterial which effectively to eradicate the bacterial causes of yellow teeth. Squeeze 1 lemon, put in a glass of warm water. Use to rinse 3 times a day so that bacteria are completely lost. Or combine 1 tbsp of lemon juice with a pinch of salt to the pasta shape and then apply it on the tooth.

8. Lime
Same thing with lemon, lime is also effective to eradicate the bacteria in the mouth so that the teeth be white. Squeeze 2 lemon, mix it with a glass of warm water and then use it to gargle.

9. Strawberry
Strawberries contain Malic acid and Vitamin C that serves to scrape the stain on the teeth, and strawberries are also useful to prevent canker sores, bleeding gums and kills the bacteria in the mouth. Way too easy. Strawberry puree, apply on the teeth.

10. Apple
Fiber apples when you chew it will automatically clean the stain that makes your teeth turn yellow.

11. Pinang
The Areca Nut contains astringent tannin substances of hemostatik and can be used as a way to whiten teeth naturally. The trick is to burn the seeds of areca nut until charred, mashed until smooth, then apply it on the tooth.

12. Milk
Dairy calcium intake will add that function to maintain the robustness of your teeth. The content of phosphorus and magnesium in milk will help as how to whiten teeth naturally. Enough with the routine of drinking milk every day.

13. Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate or dark chocolate contains a substance that will coat your teeth and whiten teeth. You only need to consume dark chocolate every day.

14. Ginger
There are deposits of antibacterial functional muzzle stains left on your teeth. The trick is to memarut 1 piece of ginger. Then squeeze the water. Use water to rinse out the ginger juice. Ginger grater or apply directly on the teeth

15. Clove oil
In addition to treating the dental pain, clove oil is also useful for whitening your yellow teeth. Simply by rubbing clove oil on your teeth

16. Coconut oil
How to whiten teeth naturally further is to use coconut oil. Combine coconut oil with baking soda until the shape of the pasta and then use as toothpaste.

17. Apple vinegar
Apple vinegar also serves as a way to whiten teeth naturally. Combine 2 1 tbsp vinegar in ½ glass of water and then using a cotton bud apply on tooth.

18. Charcoal
Alkaline nature serves as a scraper on charcoal stains yellow on your teeth. Indeed it looks dirty, but with a small scale will have no impact to the body. All you need is a coconut shell charcoal pounded fine and then sifted. Mix it with 1 tbsp of lemon juice and then use as toothpaste.

19. Baking soda
Baking soda is a great way to naturally whiten faster. Simply Apply baking soda mixed in lemon juice on the teeth.

Such an easy way you can do in order to get white teeth naturally without any side effects. Hopefully by having information related to how to whiten natural teeth, can be a useful information and also beneficial

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