10 The Causes Of The Emergence Of Pimples On The Face

The Causes Of The Emergence Of Pimples On The Face - If your scalp can have excess oil so that oil will flow to the face and then mingled with dust, dirt or bacteria, which in turn can lead to blockage of the pores on your skin so that it will appear the presence of acne.

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The following 10 causes of Acne can appear on your face i.e. below:
1. Germs and bacteria
Bacteria and germs is a major factor of the causes of the emergence of acne. This bacteria is arguably the most serious because it triggers continues to grow and make the face experience inflammation. Called by p. acne that bark and litter on which breed in the sebaceos gland causing blockage and irritation on the skin area around it. If the glands begin to break apart, then it will happen the process of swelling andpain may be felt in the very face. Acne scar it will leave a hole like a skin disease such as chicken pox and sores.

2. The excess oil production
A clean face and always kept it might be to minimize the incidence of acne. If the face is not well maintained, the possibility of oil production on the face will be increased. Though not fully influenced by the cleanliness of the oil on the face, but will accelerate the buildup of dirt that will ultimately trigger the onset of blockage as a cause of the appearance of acne. Internal factors also very influential, as a less healthy life patterns and dietary intake and hormonal changes. Acne appears due to the abnormal and caused skin condition
by the occurrence of interference from excess production of oil glands. If the problem continues, then the blockage in the follicle pore channels can not be avoided.

3. Buildup of dead skin cells
Dead skin cells often face a problem that shouldn't have you experienced. This could be just dead skin caused by using the wrong SOAP, too often exposed to sun exposure, and also other things such as the use of drugs or cosmetics that do not suit your skin type. The oil mixed with dead skin cells will become the nest which is good for the growth of bacteria on the face which in the end became the trigger for the onset of rash was always an early form of acne. Dead skin cells will clog the pores, the thicker and feels very rough or face look like a flake.

4. Genetic factors
Many are feeling the presence of acne on the face due to genetic factors or indeed already taken since birth. It is usually coupled with the life of older people who have had problems with acne in particular face. This causes the normally difficult to be cured, but treatments could certainly also be overcome gradually.

5. Allergic to food and drinks
As we mentioned above, the food intake can also be one of the triggers of the incidence of acne. This could also be due to an allergy to certain types of foods or drinksthat ultimately give rise to Acne on the face. This is usually related to the type of food in the form of seafood, dairy, and so on. But not only that, consuming too much carbohydrate, low in vitamin E foods and too much Vitamin A will make a number ofoil production in the face of growing.

6. Hormone changes
Women have the highest risk than among men. Because it is possible 7 days beforemenstruation will appear a small rash-rash on the face and berahir on acne. Hormonal changes also occur in the age-specific and age are the most vulnerable is among adolescents especially for teens who are entering puberty. Changing hormones can be triggered by the use of chemical medicine, is undergoing a process of pregnancy, and may still be many other factors not unexpected by you.

7. There is Pressure on the face (friction)
It is always unconsciously you do every day. Just like attaching a face on the pillowwhen sleeping, use your mobile phone to make a call, and other things that you don't realize. In this case all you need to maintain the cleanliness of the bed especiallypillow case.
Because menempelknya face on dirty objects will trigger the development of the bacteria more quickly.

8. Keep clean Less Hair
You might ask why hair should be cleaned? It is actually linked because of that dirtyhair will more easily greasy. By accident you will be scratching your head and touch the face simultaneously. There is oil on the hair more easily mixed bacteria on a nailon the end attached to the face. If not cleaned immediately, then the germs or bacteria will evolve so as to cause rashes as an early form of acne.

9. Too often Consume Carbonated Drinks
Soda has aspartame which is the content of a substance in the cause of pimples on the face. Soda can also create inflammation (inflammatory) in the human body due to the womb. These types of drinks cause bad effects to the body and can lower the PH of the skin.
With the State of the skin is normal, then the pimples on the face will appear more easily.

10. The occurrence of blockage in Your Face
A clogged pore would hamper air circulation and also discharge the sweat on the face. This could have been caused by the use of makeup that is too thick, too much dead skin cells, excess oil production that sparked menempelnya dirt or dust and much more. This blockage will eventually cause small bumps be rash and acne is making a very disturbing appearance.

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