21 Common Causes Of Acne Triggers That You Need To Know

Common Causes Of Acne Triggers That You Need To Know - Acne is a State where the skin pores clogged causing pus SAC that is inflamed. Likely cause is hormonal changes that stimulate the oil glands dikulit. Other hormonal changes that can be a trigger for the onset of acne is the period of menstruation, pregnancy, the use of birth control pills, and stress.

Cause skin breakouts easy

There are several factors cause the appearance of acne, for those of you who have yet to figure it out, the following factors are the main causes of acne triggers appears on the face, below:
  1. Bacterial infection on face
    Caused by the less noticed hygiene so that the bacteria are attached to faces are more easily developed and trigger the presence of a rash or swelling. Pores are clogged by dirt-filled bacteria eventually will swell or even worst to be removing the pus.
  2. Change of hormone testosterone
    This often happens on among men. While loving someone or because of excessive testosterone production, then the acne may appear. It has been very common and can occur at all among men.
  3. Hold and Squeeze the pimple
    Perhaps some people are not aware that action squeeze pimples it will only worsen the situation. This will trigger the spread of bacteria and create inflammation. Moreover, objects or hands that are used currently in the circumstances is not sterile.
  4. Less Consuming water white
    White water rich in minerals that could keep the metabolic processes of the body. Sufficient water intake on the body will make the skin remains moist and prevent clogged pores due to easier body sweating.
  5. The impact of taking pills KB
    Among women taking pills to preclude, KB is one of the steps to control the process of pregnancy. But are you aware that these pills can trigger hormonal changes in the body that ultimately oil production on the face becomes abnormal. But the impact of this is not true for everyone.
  6. Dirty Blood
    The term is often we read or see on the wrap-wrap of traditional herbal medicine. If the blood is in a State of dirty, this will be much easier to inflict various types of skin disease. Not only acne, but it could be korengan, panu, kadas, ulcers, etc.
  7. The age factor
    Change of age is one factor in the causes of the incidence of acne. With increasing age, then oil production in the face of increasingly high in order to maintain elasticity and also makes the face more toned. It is actually a form of Defense to be more youthful skin. Another process often happens at such a young age, one example is among teenagers entering puberty as well as among men who have been getting to know love.
  8. The Blockage By dead skin cells
    Dead skin cells can occur because of the use of harsh soaps, exposure to direct sunlight, as well as other things. It generally occurs due to pore clogging dead skin cells are mixed with the oil. In the end it will make the closed pores and prevent the secretion of sweat on the face.
  9. Hair that stick to the Face
    Oily hair contains dirt and germs that also is not good for the face. The impact of this will culminate in the development of bacteria and become acne-forming rash.
  10. Consume Alk0hol and Merok0k
    The second type of material this impact is very bad for the health. Both of which can interfere with the body's metabolism and makes your blood becomes dirty. It will eventually trigger appear various types of skin diseases one of the acne.
  11. Too often exposed to sun exposure
    For now it's been an awful lot of different types of beauty products sunblock can prevent damage to the skin. Because the content of UVA and UVB rays on the Sun will make the skin burn. Not only be dark, but the skin will dry that will eventually happen buildup dead skin cells on the face.
  12. Consume Chocolate Overload
    Brown had a womb can trigger certain hormones. If consumed to excess, then does not close the possibility that acne will appear on the face. Although arguably can be calming, but it's good if you consume only natural chocolate only.
  13. The lack of intake of Vitamin A and B
    Vitamin A has the ability to prevent the growth of bacteria in the body. Indirectly related with acne that one trigger is bacteria.
  14. Less intake of Vitamin C
    Nutrition has a significant role for the body. Vitamin C as an antioxidant naturally into the body immune system stronger and more secure. Antioxidants serve to ward off free radicals and also prevents perumbuhan bacteria in the body.
  15. Lack of facial Cleanliness
    A clean face will certainly better than oily and dirty faces. If on your face there is no oil and dust, it is not impossible that your face will be spared from acne. His tips is washes the face regularly but don't overdo it.
  16. Dirty air pollution
    Dirty air contains a lot of smoke and dust will accelerate the production of oil in the skin in particular face. If the oil is mixed with the pollution (free radicals), then no wonder began appearing rash, red spots and eventually turn into acne.
  17. The decline of hormones in women
    Along with the emotional instability, sometimes the womenfolk are more susceptible to acne. Penuruna female hormones can occur due to increasing age, or it could be due to other causes.
  18. Too much stress or Mind
    Load too heavy mind will lead to stress. As this will cause new problems such as the body's hormonal changes, etc. Avoid stress then it is likely you will avoid face from acne.
  19. Allergic to Chemicals in cosmetics
    Not all types of cosmetic fit or suit your skin. Because the chemical content contained on any cosmetics have different content. Could have been one of these cause allergies content on the skin.
  20. Frequent Scratching of the face
    In certain conditions, it is likely just a face will itch. And you accidentally scratched so it triggers the onset of irritation on the skin.
  21. Due to Overactive Glands
    Oil production on the body sometimes can happen is excessive. If it is too active, it could be because of the demands of the skin changes as well as other things that one of these hormonal changes and effects of consuming drugs or birth control pills.

Such information related to the most common causes of the emergence of pimples on your face. Hopefully by knowing the above information, then be as guidelines in order to be able to avoid it.

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