Fruit is Good for Lowering Cholesterol

Fruit is Good for Lowering Cholesterol - Quick ways to lower your cholesterol you can do in a way that is easy, as we will describe in this article. Not a few people who died due to the threat of high cholesterol in the blood. What the heck is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a metabolite that has the content ofsterols that can be found in the cell membrane.

In fact, cholesterol itself is needed by the body to build cell walls, and also was instrumental in the creation of hormones. How ever, the problem is thecholesterol levels that exceeded the normal limit can lead to a variety of chronic diseases.

Well, basically the cholesterol is a scary disease for everyone, opponents of cholesterol by consumingfruits that you can know namely as follows:

As long as there's this presumption that avocado is a fruit that contains a lot of fat and is not good forhealth. Avocado indeed contain a lot of fat, which is around 16 percent. But the fat in the avocado fat ishealthy, since 63% is resolved into unsaturated fatty acids, especially fatty acids not saturated.

Eating avocados will help lower the bad cholesterol(LDL) are very bad for the health. Unsaturated fats inavocado serve as antioxidants that helps keep our blood vessels from damage arteries due to a buildup of LDL cholesterol (low density lipoprotein). In addition to lowering cholesterol, avocado fruit is also very good for diabetics because it contains a lot of fiber and omega-9. Omega-9 and this fiber helpskeep blood sugar levels in our bodies.

In addition to the avocado, tomato fruit also includedthe most powerful cholesterol lowering. Research report even in Maturity Journal mentions, the tomatoes are cooked to have efficacy similar to the cholesterol lowering medicines like statins (heatdis order drug). The difference, the tomatoes do not give a bad side effects such as muscle aches, weak ness and even nerve damage.

Secret benefits of tomatoes is the compound that gives red color likopen on ripe tomatoes. Likopen isan important antioxidant that helps reduce the risk ofstroke and heart attack. In addition, likopen is tomatoes also contain potassium and B vitamins that are able to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

To get the best content of likopen, tomato should be cooked first due likopen is going to be more easily absorbed by the body. 50 grams of pasta or half liter of tomato juice will give you perlinduangan of heartpain.

This is not a fruit not too much consumed directly.Lime is used more as a friend drinking or mixed in cooking. Lime juice contains flavonoids which helpsinhibit the production of LDL cholesterol, reduces therisk of heart attack. In addition on a lemon, as well as many flavonoids found in tea, soy, broccoli, tomatoes, pomegranates, as well as the onion and bombay.

To enjoy the lemons, enough with the carving thin and input into the glasses. Pour hot water and wait 30minutes, then drink until exhausted. We recommend that you drink twice a day, morning and night. Don't worry with your stomach, because the lime will not make the stomach so stung.

It's been a long time Apple is considered a veryhealthy fruit. There's even a presumption that sayseating an Apple every day, then you don't needdoctors anymore. From the various studiesmentioned, consuming two apples every day able tolower LDL levels in the blood by up to 40% more effective than chemical medicines containing polyphenols. Apples also contain a lot of beta glucanwhich is beneficial to control the production andabsorption of cholesterol in the body.

Fruits include mango fruit are tasty and affordable if itwere the seasons. Not only that, behind this bringsflavor, mango fruit, cholesterol-lowering is also included. Mango contains many prebiotik fibers whichhelp lower the levels of evil kelesterol in the blood. In addition, there are also fiber pectin and vitamin Cwhich is able to scrape the LDL cholesterol. Thisvitamin C will prevent oxidized LDL cholesterol plaquebuildup, resulting in blood vessels can be avoided.

Red Guava
Red guava over this much consumed with the waymade the juice. Red guava juice is believed to begood asupannyang for patients with dengue fever. In addition to the benefits last, guava Red also turned out to be one of the fruits of the good cholesterol lowering. This is because red guava contains many vitamins and compounds such as flavonoids, bothvitamins C and E, carotenoids and selenium.

Antioxidant Flavonoids known good capable oflowering levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.The research results show, red guava juice consumption for 2 months with a measurable dose capable of lowering cholesterol levels up to 52.64% from 82.23% total and LDL. This means that the benefits of guava red not inferior to 3.6 mg simvastatin per kg of body weight. In addition to the above, compound red guava also contains likopen substance, but not as much astomatoes.

In addition to delicious and fresh, the grapes also have many benefits both for health. one of them is a powerful cholesterol-lowering as. Grapes contain fiberand various types of compounds of flavonoids and substances catechins which helps lower LDL cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol (HDL).To get the maximum benefits of this fruit, you shoulddrink two glasses of grape juice per day.

Blueberry fruit is highly recommended by health experts as an effective cholesterol-lowering fruit. The compound Pterostilbene in blueberries fruit is capable of stimulating the receptor protein present in the cell, which was instrumental in lowering cholesterol and fatbody. The workings of this compound turned out to be similar to that of Ciprofibrate, a cholesterol-lowering medicines are quite effective.

The difference, blueberries work more accurately with the goal ofreceptor cells of the liver. The resulting side effects ever barely exist. While Ciprofibrate often makes usersfeel nausea and muscle pain. To get the benefits of blueberries optimally, this fruitshould be consumed fresh. In addition to theblueberry, plum and strawberry also has similarnutritious content.

The pomegranate fruit is much on eating in the form of Pomegranate juice. But still people who rarely make Pomegranate juice yourself. Most Pomegranate juiceis consumed juice packaging. The results of theresearch conducted the National Academy of Sciences (USA) prove that pomegranite juice can increase the production of nitric oxide which helps to reduce plaque in the arteries of the heap. The content of antioxidants in pomegranate reportedly reached threetimes more than red wine.

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