The Pattern of Good Food at The Time of Pregnancy

Time Healthy | Food is one of the main key to getting a healthy pregnancy. By conducting a healthy way, not only will make pregnant women fit and healthy, but will also help the healthy development for babies in the womb. Remember that the development of the baby in the womb depends very much from what you give and dofor him.

During pregnancy the one part that is important in helping the development of the fetus in the womb is what you eat and how you eat during pregnancy it. for that, you need to learn about and defend the principles of the good during your pregnancy.

Some principles of good eating during pregnancy:

  1. Change eating patterns.
    Change the way you eat even when you already feelpacked with good. Remember, you now are pregnantthen you should follow the diet food diets eating for pregnant women. On your pregnancy need moreprotein, calorie consumption (for energy), vitamins and minerals like folic acid and iron for the development of your baby as well. Remember, you need an extra 300 calories per day.
  2. Avoid foods that harm.
    Among the foods that should be avoided are meatand raw egg, soft cheese, milk that is not pasteurized,in alcohol, caffeine also.
  3. Do not diet during pregnancy.
    Pregnancy is not the right time to diet because it will only endanger the mother and the baby's diet while pregnant will cause less vitamins, minerals and otherimportant during pregnancy. added weight in pregnancy is one good sign of a healthy pregnancy. Expectant mothers who eat well will increase his weight gradually, will generally give birth to a healthy baby.
  4. Eat small portions but often.
    In the first trimester there is usually a complaint of nausea vomiting, try coping with eating small portions but often, avoid spicy and greasy foods. Eat small portions but in doing several times recommended every four hours. Remember, even if you're not hungry but you need baby food regularly.
  5. Pregnancy Vitamins Drink Regularly.
    The food you eat is the best source of vitamins, butare you sure your food diet simply contain vitamins which are needed during pregnancy, especially iron and folic acid which is very necessary for the growth of healthy babies? For that, you'd better drink vitamin regularly.
  6. Drink enough water.
    Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Because you need enough liquid for you and your baby as well. 33% increase in pregnancy weight is liquid. Fluid in the need to build baby’s red blood cells for its circulation system of the amniotic fluid. Your bodyalso needs water to over come constipation during pregnancy and regulates body temperature.
  7. Fibrous foods, fruits and vegetables.
    Multiply the food high in fiber. Fruits and vegetable scan help solve your constipation during pregnancy.

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