Insomnia While Pregnant? Coping with the way this one

Time Healthy - Sleep is one of the ways the body more fresh and fresh in the morning. But what if pregnant womeninsomnia? Of course it can be made a condition of his health and janinnya declined. When pregnant, one of the things that often complained of the expectant mothers are not able to sleep. This is because the stomach is getting enlarged, the movement of the baby in the womb, and others. not only insomnia, insomnia can also also occur in pregnant women.

In addition to increasing age pregnancy, according to Dr. Day Nugroho SpOG from Provincial Hospital Dr. Sutomo Surabaya, cause difficulty sleeping orinsomnia is due to physical factors, psychological and even both of these factors. Physical factors e.g. the bladder capacity is shifting because of the magnitude of the uterus.

This causes the mother becomes more offen wake to urinate at night. In addition, fetal movement that offen startle the mother can also drew up a pregnant mom wakes up at night. Another factor that can make pregnant womenexperiencing insomnia is due to hormonal changes,which in turn will effect on anxiety and emotionalcondition. Then how to cope with insomnia while pregnant? Following his review.

How to overcome insomnia while pregnant most potent
Avoid caffeine
The first is by way of avoiding caffeine. As we knowcaffeine is often used for someone who wants toalways awake. So pregnant women is not recommended for eating all kinds of food and drinksthat contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and other intake

Do light activity
The second is by way of doing light activities and should avoid too much lie or do anything. In addition to making healthier, moving by way of doing lightactivities can also address this.

Avoid stress and anxiety
How to overcome insomnia while pregnant is by avoiding stress and anxiety. When pregnant willcertainly stress experienced by any mother, but did you know that this is also one of the triggers insomnia. Therefore the expectant mothers should avoid this. to cope with stress while pregnant no matter how easy, how to do meditation, do the thingsyou like or talk to friends or family.

Listen to the music
In addition to soothing babies, listened to classical music benefits for pregnant women can also makemothers become more calm, relaxed and comfortable. In addition to classical music, you can choose music that if can give you peace to you.

Now that's some way of overcoming insomnia while pregnant. Although not particuralrly dangerous, butthe effects of insomnia in a long period of time can also affect fetal development. As this also causes lack of intake of food and drink.

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