10 Unexpected benefits From The Beautiful Hibiscus

Time Healthy - Hibiscus is an ornamental plant which is quite easy to grow in tropical regions, including Indonesia. Not just a beautiful flower, this one turns out store benefits forhealth and beauty.


Alerts you of http://thehealthsite.com, here are the benefits you can get from the hibiscus.
1. Treat diabetes
According to research results published in Biochemedical Biophysical Research Communication showed that the chemical compounds contained in hibiscuscan restore insulin sensitivity and control diabetes. Ferulic acid is one of the polyphenol contained inhibiscus that play a role in treating diabetes.

2. Prevent urinary tract infections
The study, published in the Journal of Asian PacificTropical Biomedicine found the benefits of hibiscusfor urinary tract infections. Antimicrobial and antifugal properties containet in the Hibiscus made it effective against candica albicans, harnful bacteriathat rested in the urinary tract. In addition, the flavonoids contained in the Hibiscus (mainly in the form of tea) helps prevent the growth of bacteria e. Coli.

3. Overcoming hair loss
Hibiscus petals that are cracking beautiful turned out to have been used since a long time to resolve andprevent hair loss. Apply the Hibiscus (mainly in the form of oil) helps strengthen the hair root. This is because vitamin C and calcium in it.

4. Overcoming the premature grey hair
Research published in the Asian journal of experimental biological sciences says that hisbiscus sukup effective to delay greying hair. To get improved, try to boil the Hibiscus for 20 minutes and allow to cool. Make boiled the Hibiscusinto a paste and apply on the scalp. Let sit for 20 minutes and rinse until clean.

5. Removing the toxins
Hibiscus petals are rich in antioxidants that are beneficial to cleanse the body of toxins. Currently many sold tea made from hibiscus petals are verygood for consumption. In addition the antioxidant content in hibiscus are also useful to fight cancer and lowers cholesterol levels in the body.

6. Skin Health
Hibiscus petals can also be helpful to clean the skin.Way is to rub the hibiscus petals on the face and neck. Hibiscus oil is useful for removing dead skin cells and makes the skin smoother. Hibiscus also has anti inflammatory properties that are useful to cure acne and preven it from premature aging.

7. Lose weight
As the above explanation, hibiscus has a content ofantioxidants that are beneficial to take out toxins, fats,and calories accumulating in the body. So that thiscan reduce weight.

8. Improve mood
During menstruation, women experience hormonal changes that sometimes make their mood becomeserratic. To overcome this, you can consume hibiscustea that is able to make the feelings become quieter.

9. Energy Enhancer
Hibiscus tea turns out can also increase energy. It is important to restore lost energy and relieve you of thestress and tension in the body.

10. Fever Reliever
When ye fever and colds, there is no harm if you are consuming hibiscus tea. Hibiscus is rich in vitamin Cwhich helps to fight the viruses cause colds.

Thus the benefits of Hibiscus flowers and efficacy that can nourish the body. May be useful and could be useful for all of us.

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