Tremendous Benefits, reasonable Axorbitant Prices

Tremendous Benefits, reasonable Axorbitant Prices - Who would have thought, fruit ciplukan turned out to be rich in vitamins and very beneficial to the body. In fact, this plant grows wild in lots of fields andorchards.

Many people do not know the magical properties offruit ciplukan. Many other names of ciplukan such asphysalis, cape gooseberry or cerri ground. Farmersconsider, ciplukan fruit that cannot be eaten. So oftenif it appears plants were dikebun, or even cut down and disposed of.

 Ciplukan is also able to treat diabetes mellitus and asyour calorie intake

In fact, this price ciplukan now is very expensive. 1 Kilograms just Rp 500 thousand. Ciplukan has alsobeen sold in supermarkets. Wow... Deserves justexorbitant price. Efficacy of ciplukan too much. Ciplukan contains Vitamin A which is very high. As reported by of, Wednesday (30/12), 100 grams of fruit ciplukan contains 720 units of vitamin a.

That figure means able to meet 14 percent vitaminneeds in our body in a day. Vitamin A is of course verygood for our bodies. For the health of the eyes, skin and immune system.

In addition, ciplukan is also rich in vitamin c. Vitamin is necessary for the body to absorb iron and helps in the formation of collagen. Vitamin C also makes ourstrong bones, muscles, cartilage and blood vessels healthy. If the diet using vitamin C can help ward offinfection and prevent diseases like the common cold.

Ciplukan is also able to treat diabetes mellitus and asyour calorie intake. For 1 gram ciplukan contain 53 calories and one gram of fat. Thus the benefits for the health of the ciplukandiangga wild plants. But can you prove the benefits and efficacy of the plant ciplukan.

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