It Turns Out That Exercising Can Lower Cholesterol

How to lower cholesterol with a simple and naturalway. In a previous article we already describe about how to lower cholesterol with healthy foods. In addition to healthy foods, how to lower cholesterolcan also be done by way of exercising. Regularexercise can help lower cholesterol. Sport physical activity helps to increase high-density lipoprotein(HDL), i.e. the kind of "good cholesterol" that exist in the body.

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No need to start it with a sport weight. A simpleexercise you can do as a quick way to lower cholesterol naturally include: walking, cycling, runningand swimming. Choose a form of exercise that is appropriate and suitable for you. If you haven't beenexercising regularly, it is important to start slowly.

Be sure to consult with your doctor, so that it canevaluate the condition of the body and the health ofyour heart. Do health tests after a workout to see howthe heart and your heart reacts while exercising. Of course, exercise alone will not guarantee thecholesterol level will go down.

Genetic factors, body weight, age, sex, and diet all contribute to a person's cholesterol levels. But the sport has many other benefits in addition to lowering cholesterol. Exercise has been proven to maintainstrong bones, reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, stroke, and obesity, as well as improving mood.

Exactly how many servings needed sports as a way to lower cholesterol is indeed a debate. However, the WHO recommend, at least, 30 minutes per day, with moderate to heavy workouts, such as walking, jogging, cycling, or simply concern themselves withgardening.

In addition to the quick way to lower cholesterolabove, do not forget to always keep the patterns ofyour life. Don't forget the sports activity. Sports for a few minutes in three times a week is better than noexercise at all. Don't eat too much fast food. Once in a while it doesn't matter as long as there is acorresponding limit simply applied.

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