Your Hair Is In Trouble? Here's how to care for natural hair and you can do it yourself at home

Your Hair Is In Trouble? Here's how to care for natural hair and you can do it yourself at home.

Healthy and shiny hair becomes everyone's coveted, especially women. For women who have healthy, shiny hair give more confidence to every appearance. Lately lots of offers from beauty salon for hair care. This makes most of the women are interested to try it. Instead of wanting to do hair care, but the results obtained do not like hope. Not least in salon hair care make hair that previously healthy and shiny become dull as it is not well maintained. But we ourselves can do it at home with natural ingredients. How to care for hair that is right and good? These refer to the review below.

Your Hair Is In Trouble? Here's how to care for natural hair

How To Naturally Treat Hair.
In fact, not all of the products offered to our hair care suitable to the type of the scalp and hair. That's why after doing hair care, instead of getting healthy on the contrary. Do hair care in the salon is actually not a problem.

However, the use of materials that contain chemical substances as well as hair care appliances such as blow dryer too long make our hair fragile is easy.
  1. Aloe Vera & Avocado.
    How to care for hair that first is you can make your own shampoo from natural ingredients. Such as Aloe Vera and avocado. In the previous article, we've given you discuss how to use the Aloe Vera and avocado for hair loss, how to resolve in this article both these ingredients you can make as a hair mask. In the same way as in the previous article, i.e. take Aloe Vera flesh and mash together with the avocado fruit, and then apply it to the hair. Do like placing a regular shampooing. For maximum results lakuan treatment is as much 2-3 week all.
  2. Juice the celery leaves.
    Very nice celery leaves as one of how to care for hair so soft. The trick is quite easy, create a leaf juice celery then let sit overnight, you can place the juice of celery leaves in a jar. The next morning apply the juice to the hair you evenly and let stand approximately 10-15 minutes the next rinse until clean. This way you can do twice a week or as needed.
  3. Apple Cider vinegar & warm water.
    Even if you hair drenched after shampooing? 2 the above materials can make the hair you expand. Do I mix apple cider vinegar with warm water, you can use the comparison 1:1. Mix these ingredients used to wet the hair. Let stand for 5 minutes then rinse until clean until the smell of vinegar hair missing from you.
  4. Lemon juice.
    Maybe some of you love to make or buy a lemon juice to consumption, but do you know? In addition to the good for our body, lemon juice is also very good for our hair care. Lemon juice you can take advantage of to overcome dull hair. Here's how after making the last membilaskan when shampooing, application of lemon juice in your hair you let stand approximately 5-10 minutes rinse hair clean until you return. That's how to care for hair with lemon juice.
  5. Almond oil.
    Hair that is dry and dull hair can make you easy brittle. To fix it you can use almond oil as a way of taking care of your hair dry and dull. You can make use of Almond oil as a hair vitamin. The trick is very simple, pour the almond oil into the bowl after that pre-heat for approximately 40 minutes, and then apply it to the hair you evenly. Let stand for 15-30 minutes rinse hair next steps you can. Use shampoo and conditoner you can do.
  6. Bottle Gourd Juice.
    Take a few pieces of fruit and a blender bottle gourd smooth as juice. After that apply throughout the section of hair you evenly. Bottle gourd juice let sit for approximately 30 minutes so that the juices of this pumpkin potion percolating into the scalp. After 30 minutes rinse hair clean with water until you can also add the shampoo to the hair.
  7. Baking Soda.
    Who says just the baking soda can be used to make a cake. In addition to making the cake. Baking soda can as a hair care you naturally. Do I dissolve as much baking soda 3 tablespoons into the water and then use this mixture for rinsing hair. The function of banking soda it is to reduce the biological chemicals that are in shampoos or hair styling products the rest of you do.
  8. Tidy up Hair.
    Hair ye forked? She tips her. Hairs branching is one of damage to your hair problems therefore how to care for damaged hair due to branching you can do by way of regular hair cut, hair branching typically occurs around the ends of the hair. Therefore, ye rajinlah ye smoothed the hair at least 3 months once cut his hair. In addition to avoid problems by doing the branching, hair cutting hair pieces regularly make you stay awake form. As additional info, excessive ultraviolet light could be one result of the hair you've forked. It's good before placing Sulzer room you can give a serum containing keratin hair are good for you.
  9. Correct Combing Technique.
    Combing hair is always a champion every day. But there is actually a hair to comb out techniques so that the hair does not tangle or loss. At a time when combing do movement combing from the bottom of the hair first and then the upper part, it is useful to minimize the occurrence of loss due to Frizz. Notice you? comb made of plastic material can conduct static electricity? This will make you hair is damaged. Therefore, avoid using toothed Combs are made of plastic.
  10. The consumption of healthy foods.
    The last hair caring tips is to consume a healthy diet. What you consume will be visible from outside ourselves. Therefore always tried to consume healthy eating such as drinking water, multiply the fruits and vegetables that are good for the body and hair.

Such information is related to the natural way of treating the hair of our offerings. You can choose one of the above tips for hair care. Don't be lazy Yes to treat you hair naturally. Hopefully the tips how to care for hair above could help you overcome problems on the hair.

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