4 Reasons the Wrong Decision to get Married

Many consider the ultimate goal in one relationship is marriage. Get acquainted, courting and then married. Unfortunately not everyone has the same end. Married. Some only up to the introductory stage without continuation again.

There's even a courtship until the year count did not culminate in marriage. Do not make the wedding as a race. Getting married is the readiness, married just because the demands will make pernikahanmu not happy.

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The following is the reason wrong in marrying you should know.
1. Married Just Out Of Fear Itself
There are no guarantees after marriage you will never own. Life doesn't stop after you get married, and a happy ending. Life continues after the wedding, if the only reason fear alone made you decide to get married. There is no guarantee you will feel happier after getting married.

2. Pleasing Others
Shared relationships boyfriend many of which condone, but in fact you still doubt with a feeling of you. Just because others see you fit in with the girlfriend doesn't mean you guys should get married. Make sure that you are happy, don't make you as a future bet.

Is there a guarantee if you're unhappy and failed in their marriage, which the premier will also help you?

3. Chasing Kemapanan
Married in order to be established. The presumption of economic life after marriage you secured is not the right reason to decide to get married. While still courting couples Kemapanan not guarantee while still married.

4. Fear Is Arguably Baseball's Conduct
Most of the people still perceive Indonesia, coincidentally the age amount married just because it did not want to be deemed not salable, you finally decide to get married.

There is no guarantee of marriage in certain age will be happy. Ladies so 4 the wrong reasons in the case decided to get married. Don't make your wedding event as a race. Menikahlah because of the ready, not to appease the others or simply because of the wish to be free from stigma. Getting married is an option, so don't ever go wrong in choosing. Congratulations on this day.

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