Why are there women who are hard to get pregnant? This is the answer!

Causes and Solutions of troubled Women get pregnant - If you have tried various things to have children in a long time but it failed to get pregnant, maybe this is the right article to find out the answer. There is a possibility one between you and husband who have concerns about fertility, or even both.

In preparing for pregnancy, You need to find out what causes fertility problems. Well, that's what we discuss today.

Infertility. Is the inability of a woman to get pregnant or the inability of man to impregnate. These conditions do not exclusively for women only. Men also have the possibility of experiencing infertility. But the chances of women is indeed bigger, i.e. as much as 75 percent, while the rest are men.

Causes and Solutions of troubled Women get pregnant
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You just need to learn what causes infertility. When the woman is not fertile, the main cause of the most common is related to the reproductive system and physical difficulties. There are also caused by hormonal imbalances, drug consumption, and of certain diseases can trigger infertility.

The experts also say that the most typical causes of infertility in women is pelvic inflammatory disease, or commonly called by PID. Well, this disease occurs when the organ is located in the female pelvis infected or trauma with danger.

In addition to infections and wounds, the woman can maintain the scarring in the abdominal or vaginal tissue through surgical procedures such as abortion. Scar tissue can obstruct the path of the egg of the tuba tubes towards the uterus, as well as the transition of sperm into the uterus, thus making fertilization of the egg cell is very difficult.

Hormonal imbalances can also affect a woman's fertility. Hormone imbalance may be due to thyroid and adrenal kelenjarnya is not working properly. Prolactin, the hormone that stimulates the body's production of BREAST MILK also can affect or terminate a woman to ovulate. If the prolactin levels too much, then women don't get pregnant.

For that, you should consult a specialist to take action which is true. There are a few practices that are often done by some alternative medicine that actually has nothing to do with the source cause someone failed to conceive.

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