This Is What Is Supposed To Be! Beauty Wife is the responsibility of the husband

Many women who want a slim, white and beautiful, so that her husband still loved and fondly at him And a lot of women trying desperately to keep her husband happy by making himself appear attractive in the eyes of the husband.

But do it all? adilkah husband just saw the wife of their physical appearance? Below is an explanation of why the wife's beauty is the responsibility of the husband according to Dr. Wahyu Triasmara

First, can you imagine the wife duties ranging from waking to sleep longer has always been filled with various household activities.


They have to get up early preparing the meal make husbands and their children, not to mention cleaning the House, washing clothes, tidying up and could conceivably even to take care of themselves aja udah no time?

then still husband and wife Sue to make themselves attractive in the absence of time to take care of themselves?

Second, how much money the husband give his wife so that they can appear attractive in the eyes of the husband? whether performing draw just enough diligently bath alone? does not it?

the wife need to wear cosmetics, fragrances, clothes and jewelry that draws so that they perform well interesting & before their husbands.

Then what a husband already gives a decent Money on his wife until they can fullfill all your needs it? sometimes even for daily needs only the wife must be clever-clever to be able to regulate the expenditure of money given the lack of a husband.

Third, appear attractive is not enough turned out to be just good looks physically alone. Gorgeous indeed emanated from within.

Easy it is to become a beautiful woman inside and out just by trying to become a woman and the wife of a teaser, then how a woman could be a teaser for a wife,

when their husbands alone can not so good priests for the family? then how is it possible he could lead and be an example of a minimal model for his wife and their children?

Fourth, you want a wife always interesting before the husband? you want the wife seemed to be slim as a teenager? Please be aware due to the influence of pregnancy and hormones, women are indeed more difficult to lose weight on their back as readily.

But try to see from the other side, come back grateful to have had a wife and child who painstakingly was born of the womb of your wife with bet's life.

Just imagine how the wife of withholding agony and lost a lot of blood when giving birth. It's all no other and no not in order to appease you.

The last, true is if the grass is indeed greener neighbors from our homes. But trust me on the green grass of a neighbor is not necessarily more soothing than with our homes.

When you have selected a woman to become the escort you're rest assured that he is the parts of the heart that will accompany you for forever.

Now do not let many demands on your wife what else when your own was unable to do much to help realize what you always wanted to make your wife back such as when he was young.

Be faithful not because of what appears on your wife, but glorify them for what they've done to you and your family.

In fact, the women are eager to appear attractive in front of their husbands but many limitations that make them unable,

Believe me that beauty that will undoubtedly fade, because people will definitely aging. But when your sincere love and glorify your wife, no matter the wife was fat, thin, black, or it might not attract the eyes of others,

but you never feel free to hug and kiss them, working with his hands when walking, feel proud to have and love him sincerely for all.

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