How to dilute thick lips naturally and healthy

How to naturally make lips thinner | For those of you who like the lip look more sexy with a little thinner. In this article you will find natural tips to make thin lips. Here's the surefire way of making lips sexier with lips are thin IE below:


  • Lip biting and chewing on a.
    Many people say that to make the color of the lips red naturally you have to often biting and mengulumnya. That statement is completely wrong, because it is our saliva contains enzymes that digest food and functioning if too often exposed the lips we thus will make the lips become dry and chapped. Chapped lips can trigger the swollen lips and even bleed because the skin very thin lips. If it is the case of course the lips can look thicker than the original. So one way of diluting the thick lips naturally is stop the bad habit.
  • Compresses an unused lips with ice cubes.
    To create the impression the lips become thinner, before bermake up you could be rubbing ice cubes on the face including your lips. Ice cubes will make your facial pores shrink so that makeup can last longer, while the effect on the lips is can make muscles constrict lips so that the lips look thinner. But this way is certainly not able to generate a permanent solution.
  • Avoid spicy cuisine.
    So lips don't look thicker, for those of you interested in spicy dishes we recommend you start now kurangilah this habit since spicy foods can make the lips be a dower. Chilli or spicy flavor that other sources have an effect like a burn on the skin of your lips.
  • Smile.
    The last way is a pleasant enough and doesn't require a lot of costs, that smile. Smiling will make the muscle movement of the lips are drawn to the top so that the shape of the lips will look thinner and prettier. In addition with many smiles You'll be more youthful and good for your social life.

How to dilute thick lips naturally and fast
In addition to diluting the thick lips that way naturally which has been described above, you could try corrective make-up techniques to change the shape of the lips as your taste buds. For diluting the lips, choose dark colored lip liner and lipsick matte with neutral colors. Pretty easy, right?

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