The dangers of Mixing milk with some fruit and Drinks

Who doesn't like sich enjoyed the freshness of the fruit ice, fruit, soup or juice? The community's habit of consuming fruit ICES when lndonesia or juice is mixing sweetened condensed milk into it. Indeed, it's become more sich favors and guri. But unfortunately the habit of mixing the milk and fruit instead of benefit thus could harm the body. Hem, how can that be? Instead of fruit and milk included foods rich in nutrients?

It turns out many fruits contain acids, while milk is very rich in protein so if combined thus less well, because acid will bind the protein so it makes it tough on the body, indigestion can even lead to gastric fermentation. Some of the fruits that have acidic properties, among others: pineapple, Orange, grapes, strowbery and others.

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But what if milk mixed in a fruit that does not contain an acid, such as avocado? Avocado fruit mix with milk will make it taste the more savory and delicious.

But the combination of both is also not good for the body, because the avocado contains acid fotal high which is beneficial for heart health, but when you blend the sweetened condensed milk, then thus delivering You at risk of diabetes. Why is this so? Since sweetened condensed milk has sugar levels are more dominating than protein.

In addition to fruits, milk is also dangerous if mixed with some drinks or food:
  1. Milk with Sugar.
    Mix the milk with the sugar in the hot conditions can be dangerous, because milk contains leusin/amino acid when mixed with sugar in hot conditions, it will react to being leusin redikal or fluktosa fructosyl which is toxic and can damage the body of the mengonsumsinya. For menyiasatinya, enter the milk sugar after cool slightly.
  2. Milk with Chocolate.
    Mix the milk with the chocolate is also harmful to health, because milk contains proteins and calcium, while the chocolate contains oxalic acid which when both are combined, then the calcium will be non soluble so that interfere with the absorption of calcium.
  3. Milk and Tea.
    Includes one drink herbal tea is healthy, but become less useful if mixed with milk. Because it is so? It turns out the milk protein casein which when mixed with Tea can thus lower the importance of content, such as a potent Catechin against heart disease.

Milk contains a lot of protein and nutrition, but when you take it simultaneously with other beverages to excessive bad can have an impact also on your health. To that end, avoid drinking milk by mixing other drinks in excess

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