2 How to Naturally Treat Hair in Traditional Style

Natural Ways to Take Care of Hair To Look Beautiful - How to naturally treat hair with the use of materials such as coconut oil and Aloe Vera juice also is an effective way to get healthy and strong hair. The traditional way this can You prove due early ancestors had once been accustom to use coconut oil for hair is thick and strong.

Healthy hair without any problems is certainly highly anticipated by the womenfolk. To get the results of all of that, of course you can use with the way this one i.e., using natural materials. Not a few of them get healthy hair, and of course traditional style using natural materials such as coconut oil and Aloe Vera juice also.

Can't find a solution to hair loss and damaged hair?

Both the traditional way also you can practise in order to get healthy hair naturally. Thus, to styling your hair in order to be able to follow the latest hairstyles is easy you do because your hair is not easily broken and too dull.

The traditional way in the stage of taking care of the hair, certainly not the slightest use chemical ingredients. Because, in this way the Department processed from natural materials that did not exist even in the supermarket at the salon. This is only natural ingredients you can get at traditional markets even in the countryside.

Such is the case, you should get a green coconut oil and Aloe Vera juice also. This is certainly what you get at traditional markets or in the countryside. After this there are materials that can be subdivided by herbs for the hair, then you can manipulate both the natural herbal ingredients.

Natural and traditional way of caring for the hair to get satisfactory results
1. Processing with coconut oil
How to cultivate coconut oil for hair, naturally using a coconut fruit colour is green. Because not all types of coconut are good for the hair. Coconut oil is good for hair naturally leaves in contrast to other coconut leaves. And the fruit is certainly green in colour. The following ways of processing:
  1. grate the coconut fruit green content you already prepare
  2. Pat dry with a way of drying in the hot sun until several days
  3. Do it until the last rotting coconut meat
  4. It's good you're bathing in black plastic
  5. After the decay, then squeeze the coconut meat to secrete oil
  6. Coconut oil is already so it will prepare You to take care of the hair.
  7. Coconut oil it flush on your hair as good at night at bedtime.
  8. Doing it that way on a regular basis in order to get healthy hair naturally

2. Processing with Aloe Vera juice
How to process Aloe Vera trunk into a sari or gels to care for the hair of course prepare Aloe Vera trunk. Here's how you can do the following:
  1. For the first You prepare Aloe Vera which will be processed
  2. Prepare also apple vinegar and honey.
  3. Then combine all ingredients that you have set up a Union dough.
  4. Well, the next quite applicable to the rest of your hair until evenly distributed.
  5. Doing it this way on a regular basis to get healthy hair naturally.

The second way above you can do in order to take care of hair in a natural way. The traditional way is very well done because without any side effects to your hair. Coconut oil and Aloe Vera gel the same same also contains vitamin E and proteins which is certainly good for the health of the hair.

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