Dancing Helps Prevent Skin Aging

Aging, especially on the skin is one of the problems trying to avoided by most people especially women. The condition of the telomere, or small segments of DNA at the ends of Your chromosomes that starts not functioning well can trigger aging. The more your cells divided from time to time, the shorter the distance Your telomere. When they are in a critical condition or retracts, the cell will stop splitting.

How to easily and naturally prevent aging

To prevent telemore the shorter or slow its progression, then you can try this strategy. Here's how to prevent aging of the skin namely below:
  1. Try dancing, zumba or tennis.
    Fitness trainer who is doing research on people with 6,500 varied age and level of activity varied shows more and more types of moderate exercise powerfully you follow up to, the longer Telomere you awake.

    People who do only one event has three smaller percent likely to have shorter telomere than those who do a lot of activity. The more activity or exercise that is done, the slower Your telomere retracts.
  2. Avoid watching tv at midnight.
    A study published in the journal Sleep found that parents with age 60 and over who sleep six or more hours in the evening, have a length of telomere or even longer as the person who was 15 years younger.
  3. Avoid fizzy drink addiction.
    According to research from the University of California, drink regular soda as much as 20 ounces per day is associated with aging that is comparable to biological aging year 4.6.

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Such a simple way in order to avoid premature aging. Third way above you can do in order to get healthy skin and body still look healthy. May be useful and could be useful information for visitors to the archipelago.

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