Here's The Easy Way to Tackle Dry Skin and Dull

Who would not want to have soft and toned skin? Everyone definitely wants it, but sometimes the desire does not follow the correct effort. Because that's in the article this time I will give easy tips so that the skin is always soft and not dry.

Dry skin is a very common skin condition characterized by a lack of sufficient water levels in the outer layer of skin (the epidermis). This condition often make a person a good man or woman becomes a minder and with increasing age is usually far more susceptible to dry skin.

The problem of dry skin is indeed only a temporary light conditions meaning that occur only a few days or a few weeks and is not permanent. However a cause for concern is the emergence of a more serious skin problems due to absence of a proper handling on dry skin happens.

Here's the easy way to Tackle dry skin and dull

If you have dry skin it's likely you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:
  • The sensation of skin tight, especially after bathing or swimming.
  • Skin feels and looks rough.
  • Skin feels shrink and dehydration, dry and scaly, reddish, dikulit crack lines.
  • Skin flaking and itching that sometimes intense.

Causes of Dry Skin
Most of the potential to cause skin to become dry is the exposure to the environment such as pollution and sunlight seared. But there are also diseases that significantly change the functionality and appearance of your skin, such as fungal diseases that attack the skin such as scabies, kadas, and ringworm.

Dry skin can occur just about anywhere on your body, but when it develops around your mouth it’s especially noticeable. Here are the possible causes, as well as what you can do to make your skin look and feel better, faster!

Here are some potential that can cause dry skin:
1. Weather Conditions
The skin becomes dry when the weather is generally cooler, i.e. when the temperature and humidity dropped. For those of you who live in areas with low temperature then it should be aware of the emergence of an intense dry skin problems.

So there should be more routinely do prevention in order to avoid the problem of dry skin.

In addition the temperature too high and hot with low humidity such as during exposure to sunlight can also incur dry skin, this is usually affected by lack of moisture on the skin.

2. Less Nutrition
Deficiency (deficiency) of nutrients such as vitamin A, B, and E, as well as low water consumption is also very influential in skin health.

By consuming at least eight glasses of water a day plus vitamin intake of fruits e.g. bengkoang and papaya will help care for softness and skin regeneration so the problem dry skin will not appear.

The use of SOAP is indeed useful to clean our skin from a variety of dirt, but there are times when this SOAP make your skin dry.
Especially is a SOAP containing excess chemical substances as well as the PH is too low.

If you have dry skin after the bath SOAP, then avoid wearing SOAP. Because most likely the SOAP does not match with your skin.

If you enforce the SOAP to put continuously then it is not closing the possibility of irritation on the skin.

4. Frequent hot showers and swimming
Soak in hot water can lead to rupture of the lipid layer on the skin. Likewise with a swim in the outdoor pool which mainly contain chlorine or alum. If the lipid layer of the skin is broken then the skin moisture will be lost, as a result the skin becomes dry and looks dull.

5. Air conditioners
Often exposed to air conditioners such as the AIR CONDITIONING will reduce the moisture to the skin. If you are too often are in air conditioned spaces then it is likely dry skin and dull will be even greater.

6. Certain drugs
The use of the drug is diuretic (urine deciduous), antihistamines (allergy), and antispasmodic (relaxing the muscles) have the side effect of making the skin becomes dry.

So don't be surprised if you consume one of the above medications, your skin tends to diminish kelembabannya than usual.

7. Disorders of Thyroid
That is the condition that occurs when the thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone. As a result the production of sweat and oil glands will be reduced, leading to dry skin, rough, and scaly.

8. Psoriasis
That is a skin condition characterized by a rapid buildup of dead skin cells that are rough and dry that form thick scales.

9. Dermatitis
That is a yeast infection of the skin that causes the skin more sensitive and more dry. Areas often affected include the face, neck, and the folds of skin that is moist.

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Way that the skin remains soft and not dry
The myriad ways that can be done to keep the skin moist. Of the many ways, I will provide the most powerful way of 14 in maintaining the softness of the skin so as not to dry, rough, and scaly:
  1. Drinking enough water at least 8 glasses a day so that the moisture in the skin layers keep awake.
  2. Cut down on foods that are greasy, fried, processed vegetable oils and animal fats.
  3. Don't drink too many soft drinks and eat sugar or the snacks especially potato chips.
  4. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because these substances are diuretics that cause the body to lose fluids and essential minerals.
  5. Wearing moisturizing lotion every day especially after bathing or when will begin the activities.
  6. Do not bathe too often with hot water and use a gentle soap and not flavorful.
  7. Wear fabrics that are good for your skin like fabrics with cotton and silk material which allows the skin to breathe.
  8. When washing garments use detergent without dyes or perfumes because both can irritate the skin.
  9. If dry skin cause itching, immediately with warm water compresses part of the skin that itches.
  10. Wear sunscreen every day to keep your skin moist.
  11. If the skin very dry wear baby oil because it had more staying power in preventing the evaporation of water from the surface of the skin than regular moisturizer.
  12. Eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and milk if necessary.
  13. Regular exercise every morning at least 15 minutes to allow the regeneration of the skin is maintained properly.
  14. Soak up the Sun in the morning especially when the Sun is red during dawn until around 8 am.

So the easy way to keep the softness of the skin and prevents dry skin Virtual News offerings. You need to know, dry skin can also have an impact on health is not good. Therefore, while maintaining the health of all members of the body to avoid the disease.

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