5 Disease originated from the stress that is not alleviated

We know that stress is not just a matter of mind and psychological, but could also trigger problems in the physical. The greater the stress encountered, then the greater physical problems that might arise.

Stress is a condition or State where a person experiencing mental thoughts and also loads which may affect the condition of a person's body. Stress itself is divided into du type, namely:
  • Eustress – is a kind of stress, which stress that appears will cause someone wants to do something better, and does not cause any negative effects or often also known as the positive stress.
  • Distress – Often known as the negative stress. This is the stress that is often avoided by people, because it will cause body and mental condition becomes derailed and can culminate in a depression.

Stress can be caused by a variety of things that plague the mind, ranging from the question of the relationship with your spouse until the matter of the work. Stress is indeed psychic problems, but if not immediately addressed appropriately, will effect conferring bad for physical health. The reason, psychic and physical is very concerning.

Disease originated from the stress that is not alleviated

For example, when you are stressed, the body will respond to danger or it is not fun in the form of producing more adrenaline and cortisol, and various other bad effects.

The following eight effects of stress for the physical and psychological health.
  1. Excessive sweating
    If you experience excessive sweating, it's not a good sign. This relates to the stress that is being experienced. A person experiencing stress, will produce excess perspiration and affect heart rate. Stress, the heart will beat faster and hands and feet will feel numb.
  2. Problems in decision making
    Any stress in fact affects a person's mental. Stress will make someone difficult in determining a decision or difficult to concentrate.
  3. Panic and mood change
    A person experiencing stress may experience mood swings that are then also influence people around. The excess stress will also cause panic. One good way to overcome this is by practicing meditation.
  4. Muscle aches
    Stress also can cause muscle pain and spasms. The muscles will tend to be stiff when being stressed. To reduce stress, we should routinely exercise.
  5. Explosive temper and lost faith
    Excess stress can also make someone often get angry for no reason. In fact, until frustrated. Not only that, this issue can cause the person to lose confidence.
  6. Fatigue
    People who are stressed, will experience fatigue which will then look from his face. This will then cause a person experiencing dizziness or headache.
  7. Skin changes
    Stress will also cause wrinkles on the skin of the body, because the body produces when stress hormone adrenaline which then cause acne. This will also slow down the production of collagen in the body.
  8. Hair loss
    This problem is experienced by many women. Hair loss or depletion of hair has a relationship with stress.

Side effects other stre can you know
Here are some health problems that could be a side effect of the heavy stress that you are natural, that is, below:
  1. Hair loss
    The average hair loss 50-100 hairs per day. However, if someone is experiencing severe stress, the amount of hair loss can be three to four times as much. To overcome this effect, make sure you are eating a balanced diet such as salmon that contains protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. Walnut and grains are also good for preventing hair loss.
  2. Decreased libido
    Researchers revealed that the stress hormone, cortisol, can lower libido or sexual desire in women. To solve it, you can do exercise to increase blood flow in the area intimately and return increase libido. Or other means, namely overcoming the stress you feel.
  3. Damage the skin
    When stress, the body releases hormones such as cortisol can increase the body's production of oil. It can also trigger skin problems such as eczema. On the conditions of severe stress should pay attention to your skin care because the skin will be more sensitive to cosmetics.
  4. Senile
    Stress can make people lose focus easily and senile. This is because the stress hormone, cortisol, lower brain performance pre-frontal cortex associated with short term memory storage. Severe stress can also cause senility in the long term as well as interfere with the information store process in your brain.
  5. Muscle pain
    Stress seems to be not associated with muscle pain. This is wrong. Stress can also increase muscle pressure and trigger pain in the muscles of your body. Severe stress can trigger pain in shoulders, neck, back, and even on the jaw.

That's some of the health problems that could be triggered by stress. Don't underestimate the stress, because if not immediately addressed, then it will be for other health problems. In the long run, it is not impossible to stress also can cause more serious health problems.

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