What Causes Pain in The Breast?

Feel pain or pain around the breast? Mild complaints of this kind are often overlooked by women. Whereas there is no pain that arises for no reason. The pain that appears around the breast can be fatal, if it turns out you really suffer from a serious illness. Before it's too late, let's recognize the symptoms. During the menstrual cycle, various hormones cause changes in breast tissue that can lead to pain or discomfort in some women.

what causes pain in the breast before menstruation

Here are the causes of pain in the breast, as reported by Boldsky.
  1. Ovulation
    During the fertile period or ovulation, your body will experience many hormonal activity. That's what makes your breasts so more sensitive and often pain.
  2. Muscle Cramps
    Who says breast can not suffer muscle cramps. Inappropriate sleep position can cause the pain of cramps around the breast.
  3. Breast Lump
    A lump in the breast can also cause pain. However, not all breast lumps of malignant (cancer) can cause pain. Then, you should check your breasts regularly at home or do mammography for more accurate results.
  4. Pain in the left breast
    Did you know that the left breast is right on top of the heart? Then, pain around left breast could be an indication of heart problems. Immediately consult a physician about the condition of your health, when these symptoms occur repeatedly.

Pain around the breast could be a sign of serious disease that you might not know about. Don't ignore the pain that often occur in certain parts of your body. It is better to prevent than to treat!

Therefore, before it is too late, come and find a solution as the health of the body even for all. Such information causes the emergence of pain around women's breasts.

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