Causes and natural ways Redden Black Lips

Have black lips is definitively not support appearance. Beauty feels not perfect with black lips which make the face look not fresh. Black Lips certainly have causes not only because of the reason. You should pay attention to what things can cause Black Lips, good for those of you who've experienced it as well as of yet.

 Ways to naturally Pick Blackened Lips

Below are some of the causes of your lips can be blackened.
  1. Sun Glow.
    In addition to less sunlight is good for the skin is also extremely bad for your lip color. It is therefore important for you to apply lip balm containing a high SPF if you want to get out of the House.
  2. Lipstick.
    The rest of the lipstick on the lips is one of the causes of the lips being black. An awful lot of women using lipstick not clean it before going to bed. Whereas the rest of the brand that are usually the cause of lips black.
  3. Smoking.
    Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a long time, nicotine is able to affect the color of your lips and make it cracked and blackened.
  4. loss of moisture.
    The moisture of the skin is not the only one you should look. But the bibirpun moisture is very important. Without moisture lip awake then it will cause chapped lips and lips being black.
  5. Often biting lips.
    Pigmentation lips can happen due to some simple habits like biting of the lips. Therefore it if you menggigit-gigit your lips then you should probably stop the habit.
  6. Caffeine.
    The amount of caffeine you consume also triggered blackish on the lips. If you are a coffee lovers at least you should limit the amount of coffee that you consume each day.
  7. Less vitamin C.
    If you lack vitamin C then the pigmentation on the lips will quickly occur. Fill your needs in vitamin C so that your lips will still look fresh.
  8. Dehydration.
    Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water regularly at least 8 litres per day. Because dehydration can cause your lips black karean shortages of mineral content in your body.
  9. Allergy.
    You also could just be allergic on cosmetic, so it is important to try cosmetics are indeed exactly suited to you. Especially in choose lipstick you should be more careful.
  10. Diet.
    When you do the diet program then automatically some intake is needed by the body in particular vitamins will diminish. Whereas the lack of vitamins in your body will certainly affect the color of the lips and make it into the black. Therefore you should keep your intake of vitamins when you run a program on a diet.

Above are 10 causes your lips black. Then how do I so lips appear red blushes? Don't panic, because in this article we will share related information how to naturally change the Black Lips back to its original form.

Ways to naturally Pick Blackened Lips
Blackened lips? Oh no! No woman wants her lips blackened and unhealthy. The lips are actually red, it's just that modern lifestyles that are not healthy to make the lips are exposed to pollution and poison that slowly make the colour becomes darker.

Too much drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes can make black lips lho! Well, for those of you who want to restore your beautiful lips, please note the tips below:
  1. Lemon.
    In the market a lot of outstanding beauty with serum lime. It is because the lemon or lime juice has been proven to be natural whitening agents help removing dead cells from the body. For those of you who want the lips back in its original colors, simply rub a piece of lemon or lemon slices on the lips gently for two minutes. Let dry approximately 10 minutes. If it is dry, you can clean it with warm water.
  2. Honey.
    Honey is a cure from all diseases and has a dual function for beauty skin. Therefore no wonder if honey also beneficial to make the lips look seductive red. How to use honey as exterminator blackened lips very easily, just take 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix until blended and then smeared on the lips, after 10 minutes wash with warm water. How long can look the result? At least one month.
    How long can look the result? At least one month.
  3. Milk.
    Well, milk with a few drops of Glycerin is then smeared on the lips before bed can restore lip color to pink and soft. In fact you can also use this recipe on your face to get brighter skin.
  4. Lemon and sugar.
    Want pink lips and natural? Try to grab a piece of lemon and sprinkle a little in a spoon of sugar on it, then rub it on the lips for about two minutes and then leave it on for 15 minutes, rinse immediately after use with warm water. Why you should use sugar? That's because sugar is one of the natural skin peeling agent, so had the ability to throw off the dead skin cells, including dead skin on the lips.
  5. Rose petals.
    Not only beautiful is seen, it turns out rose petals can create dark lips become brighter. The trick is to grab a couple of rose petals and soak in milk for half an hour in a container, then, add a few drops of Glycerin in a mixture of rose petals and Glycerin. Rub or massage the lips with this paste for 5 minutes and then leave it on for 20 minutes.
  6. Turmeric powder.
    Here it is how to restore the red lips with a pinch of turmeric powder to mix it with a teaspoon of milk. After that simply apply on the lips and must regularly to get the pink lips.

Such an explanation that causes your lips blackened. But don't panic, because in this article we also deliberately share the solution to black lips back into its original form, so that your lips stay fresh and looks natural.

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