The Secret Has A Natural White

The smooth white skin naturally without finish, is one of the most desired by women. The reason, he wanted to look beautiful especially in the eyes of your opponent's kind, you may also be the case. I'd ask the same question to 5 friends man I, "like what the heck the criteria of beautiful women according to you?" three of the five replied that: "the beautiful woman that one of them is a woman who has a natural, smooth white skin instead of white because the finish or powder."

Well, this may also be one of the reasons why many women willing to do everything to make their skin look naturally white. Often they are even willing to pay a little bit not just to buy the actual skin whitening products is not necessarily matched by their skin type.

 How to get a smooth white skin with natural ingredients

To whiten the skin, actually you don't need to pay an expensive. You can make your own at home skin care. You could try tips to whiten skin with natural ingredients, although the results are not instant plus a rather difficult way, but how to whiten skin naturally this could save costs plus the safe thing to do. How do you do? The following information tips to naturally treat skin here.

The following are some of the things which if done regularly can be beneficial to your skin.
  1. Maintain the cleanliness of the skin.
    This first step is very important to do. because one of the causes of dull skin is because there is dirt and bacteria on the skin. In addition routine with clear skin, can prevent skin diseases such as acne. Clean your skin at least 3 times in a day. You can also clean the skin in the morning wake up each time, noon, afternoon and night before you sleep. Oh yes, make sure you also take a shower on a regular basis.
  2. Routine Drinking water white.
    Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, as it can make your body healthier. Besides being able to nourish the body, consuming lots of water can also make your skin always fresh and not dried. The skin of people who seldom drank plain water with that will not be different. The skin of people who regularly drink plain water will usually look more moist and fresh.
  3. Routine Sports.
    Try exercising routine jogging at least once per week. Or you can also do light gymnastics so that your body secretes perspiration causes disease. By exercising your skin will look firmer and can inhibit skin wrinkles at an early age.
  4. Performing Wudu.
    For you are a Muslim, you certainly know what it is exactly that of the wudu, yap, wudhe is an activity get cleaned up before we were about to carry out prayers. People who are diligent in praying 5 times in a day, definitely skin face will look brighter. Why because each will carry out prayers, he would clean up the Peel 5 times in a day, so the cleanliness of her skin will awake and spared from other skin problems.
  5. Keep Smile.
    Yep correctly, the skin of people who often smiled happily will look healthier than the skin of people who daily administration preoccupied with the pouting because too much thought to the issue. So, reduce the pouting perbanyaklah smile, just do not smile-a smile without reason.
  6. Avoid cigarette smoke.
    If you are a smoker, to get a smooth white skin you should begin to reduce even quit smoking, because cigarette smoke can also interfere with the health of the skin. Try your skin to avoid cigarette smoke.

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By doing the above, good habits are not only smooth white skin you will get but, you will get a more toned skin and prevent skin wrinkles.

How to get a smooth white skin with natural ingredients
In addition to doing some quirks already mentioned above, you can also make your own skin care at home. You could try a smooth white skin recipes using natural ingredients that are already lowered hereditary from our ancestors. In addition to safe, do a skin care with natural materials can also save costs, yes although it may be rather difficult way. But mending somewhat slightly from sulitt on simple but risky, right?

OK, here are just some of the natural materials that we can use to whiten skin.
  1. Egg whites.
    In the white of the egg, there are two substances that can be beneficial to moisturize and whiten the skin, substances are lutein and zeaxanthin. Both of these substances can protect your skin from the skin thus ultaviolet light beam will look more healthy, moisturized and soft. Did you know, many people are using egg whites for face masks.
  2. White water.
    Cukupi minerals your body needs regular drinking plain water at least 8 glasses/day.. In addition beneficial for maintaining the health of your skin, the white water can also keep your concentration is maintained. Actually there are still many other white water benefits, for more details please read our articles on:
  3. Avocado Fruit.
    The fruit of this one, besides being tasty it turned out that also we can use to treat the skin. How easy does not need to be mixed other materials, live just smeared our skin. Oh yes, in addition to good for the skin, this avocado fruit can also be used for hair care, in the same way live just on the hair right dioles until evenly aka made hair masks.
  4. Strawberry Fruit.
    Why fruit strawberries, Strawberry fruit because it has a high vitamin C content. In addition fruit strawberries also contain collagen which can help brighten the skin. Vitamin C also gained the role of the aktiv in whiten the skin. Thus, perbanyaklah consumption of fruits that contain vitamin c.
  5. Plum tomatoes.
    Actually I am confused, because mention tomatoes, because some say it contains tomato vegetable category, there is also mention of including fruits. Ah, but that's not important, the important benefits, authorize?. Tomatoes contain lycopene which also can protect your skin from the Sun. Consume sufficient amounts of tomatoes each day can stimulate the collagen in your skin, so skin remains taut.
  6. Soya.
    This includes soya into types of nuts. Soya rich in isoflavones are beneficial in maintaining the skin to stay toned. Consume sufficient amounts of soya can make your skin more toned and healthy.
  7. Apple.
    In apples contained the substance called Quercetin and antioxidants which can help to prevent problems or damage that occurs to the skin. In addition routine consume fruits apples can also help you avoid diseases of skin cancer. But be careful, in the seeds of apples there is little content of toxins. But relax, because we do not eat the seeds. After all the toxins in the seeds of apples are not too dangerous for humans.

That's some way with natural white skin gets tips from us. Perhaps we already share the tips that is not yet listed tips that you think is more effective. Thus, we strongly recommend that can share information related to beauty info via the comments field.

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