Why Our Prayers Not Answered? This Is Why

We all certainly never prayed (begged aid) on God, good application which is a staple, like beg the Ordinances of the faith, sure khusnul khotimah, gratitude, life, blessed and so on. To petition for such a worldly nature please rise, salary rose, could pay the debt, but of all those who pray it's not all been granted by God.

There are some prayers that God does not answer

Basically all prayers must be diijabahi (granted) olehAllah. As informed in Al Qur'an-an: "and the Lord said unto me, Pray, will undoubtedly Kuperkenankan for you" (the Al Mukmin: 60). The word Rosululloh SAW: "no one who prays, except will be granted. (Ath-Thirmidzi). But of course it was a prayer answered prayer that qualify the rule of Allah that is Confident and session now.

Quoted from islamedia.co between tertolaknya because prayer is:
  1. The Heart fails, which is immoral, and doubt to Almighty God.
    The Apostle said, "pray to God in the prayers thou sure conditions diijabah. Know that God does not accept the prayer that comes from the heart that fails and alpa. " (Narrated by Al-tirmidhi)
  2. Eating or eating something haram.
    The Prophet said, "there is someone who travels, her hair matted, her clothes disheveled, he raised his hands to heaven, ' O God ' while his food is unlawful, his drink is unlawful, his clothing unlawful, and his nutritional of the haram. How could the prayer received?! " (Narrated By Muslim).
  3. Desperate haste in praying.
    The Apostle said, "the prayer you guys diijabah for unhurried. that is to say, ' I've been praying but haven't done well. ' " (HR agreed alayh).

It's a number of things that can make a prayer is not accepted. However, what you do is already good. You perform a number of worship where worship and charity salih is a means of smoothing the terkabulnya prayer. Therefore, if you are already a lot of worship and Almsgiving, then leave a illegitimate goods and Sin, rest assured that Your prayers are answered.

It's just the way God hears in accordance with his will; not with your will. and at a time that He specified; isn't it time that you specify. Direct KadangAllah hears. sometimes God save to given in the afterlife. Or it could be replace with God wipe out the ugliness of the equivalent of prayer that thanks.

So the most important is to pray and pray. Because by praying at least we get a reward and avoid the smug people who don't want to pray to God. After that, rest assured that the prayer is definitely granted by way of God as long as we stay away from sin and unclean things.

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