5 facts about the Zika virus mandatory in order for you to know

Indonesian currently can be said to be wary of Zika virus attack. The cause of the deadly virus has already arrived in Singapore and there are some people infected with the virus Zika Indoesia.

Not only endangering, virus Zika is also very threatening the health of pregnant women and the fetus contains. Zika virus was able to make because of growing flower organs of the fetus becomes maximum. Well, so that you have more concern with this virus then you should know some important facts about the virus Zika as below.

Zika virus

Zika virus spread by mosquito bites
The main facts you should know about virus Zika is this virus is spread by the Aedes mosquito.

Zika virus can be spread through sex
When a person is infected with a virus zika and having sex with other healthy people without using a condom, then the virus can be contagious.

Fever, an early symptom of Zika virus
In addition to fever, some of the early symptoms of the virus Zika is a headache, joint pain, the appearance of a rash on the body, muscle aches, conjunctivitis, until All these symptoms will last for 2-7 days. Therefore, if you feel any of the above on your body, then we recommend that you check with your health.

There has been no vaccine virus Zika is currently
Until now, health researchers are still working hard to find a vaccine to cure the virus Zika.

Pregnant women and the fetus is exposed to a high risk virus Zika
As described above, the pregnant mother and fetus exposed to high-risk virus Zika. The impact of the virus Zika is can cause a baby born with a State of microcephali or born with small heads, causing mental retardation, as well as delays to talk.

Zika virus itself originally comes from Africa in 1947 in the forest named Zika, in the region of Uganda. 1951-1981, this virus is starting to invade across Asia and Africa. Then in 2007, about 73% of the population is infected with the virus is Polynesian. Later in the year 2014, this virus for the first time mastered Latin America.

Well, the virus Zika is indeed scary. But you can prevent yourself from being exposed to this virus in a way always clean the area that became the site of developing high-risk biaknya such as mosquito pools, potted plants, or bathtub.
Source: Najla Najwa

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